Walkers Drift Tuning Guide [Old]

This is Apx Walkers tuning guide back from the days of FM4. Some of the things held within will be slightly different now, as the physics and so forth change between each release. But it should help to give people a decent understanding of how to tune. Regardless though, it is all down to personal preference and what you all feel comfortable with. And there is no one setup that makes a car good or bad for drifting. This guide is also centered more around tandem drifting, and there are major differences to tuning effectively for points. Still, a good tandem based tune is still highly usable for points drifting.


Good post, with great info. Might add speed can equal points but angle and tire spin is the best solution for points drifting. This is actually the only post I’ve seen someone agree with me that tandem and points drifting can go together. Yes, most point drifters are slower, control and clean lines are necessary for both.