Volkswagen Golf 1997-2004 (Mk4)

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Volkswagen Golf (Fourth Generation)

This topic is for voting on of this model other than the 2003 Volkswagen Golf R32 already featured in FH5.

This topic is specifically for the Golf, for voting on the Bora/Jetta click here.

In some markets such as China, Canada and South America a “Mk4.5” version of this model continued to be produced until the early 2010s.

This model was also sold as the:

  • Volkswagen Bora HS (China)
  • Volkswagen City Golf (Canada)
  • Volkswagen Golf City (Canada)
  • Volkswagen Golf Town


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • 3dr Hatchback
  • 5dr Hatchback
  • Wagon (Variant)
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Which market version do you prefer?

  • Mk4 (Global)
  • Mk4.5 (China)
  • Mk4.5 (South America/Canada)
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Which versions do you prefer?

  • Standard
  • GTI
  • R32 (5dr Hatchback)
  • GTI 20th / 25th Anniversary (+337 Edition)
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Which engine options do you prefer?

  • 1.4L Inline-4
  • 1.6L Inline-4
  • 1.8L Inline-4
  • 1.8L Inline-4 Turbo (GTI)
  • 2.0L Inline-4
  • 2.3L VR5
  • 2.8L VR6
  • 3.2L VR6 (R32)
  • 1.9L Inline-4 Diesel
  • 1.9L Inline-4 Turbo-Diesel (GTI TDI)
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Which drivetrain do you prefer?

  • FWD
  • AWD
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Remodel the Golf R32 and bring the VR5 3-door hatch as a lower class racer alternative

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Such a letdown in FH5 with the terrible model and sound - given it is one of the best looking, driving and sounding cars ever made IMO.

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We need the wagon so I can build mine!