Volkswagen Golf 2004-2009 Mk5

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Volkswagen Golf Mk5

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTi (FM2 - FM4)


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  • 3-door Hatchback
  • 5-door Hatchback
  • 5-door Estate/Wagon
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Since the Golf MkIV, VW Golfs in Forza have been the R, formerly the R32, so I want the Golf MkV R32 instead of the Golf MkV GTI.


Most of the time, the VW Golfs in Forza titles are the ones in the Higher performance models.

The most powerful Golfs by generation are:

  • Mk1-Mk3 - GTI
  • Mk4-Mk5 - R32
  • Mk6-Mk8 - R

2006 Golf R32 Mk5 should join Forza soon. We have the GTI back in the first 4 Motorsport titles, considering that the Mk5 is the only missing Golf in the Xbox One era of Forza. Including the new Motorsport.

There are some people who want the GTI as well but… don’t know how to think on them.


I think bringing the GTI Mk5 back would be great. This time with good modeling, the old forza one was very bad. and that it was the dsg version. And if you add that you can wear the kit again on the 30th anniversary it would be a very nice touch.

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