Volkswagen Fox 2003-2021

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Volkswagen Fox 2003-2021

This topic is for any engine or body variant of the Volkswagen Fox after 2003. Also known as:
Volkswagen Lupo (Mexico)
Volkswagen Suran (Argentina)
Volkswagen SpaceFox (Brazil)
Volkswagen CrossFox
Volkswagen SpaceCross
Volkswagen SportVan
Volkswagen Urban Fox

This model has been represented in Forza as the

  • 2011 Volkswagen Fox (3-door hatchback) (FM4)

Fox was a very popular car, created by VW Brazil, it was sold longside the VW Gol as the main city hatch, sales finshed in 2021 due advent of SUVs

It was last featured as playable on FM4, but was a NPC car on FH4

From FM4

Volkswagen do Brasil has been making unique variants of Volkswagen models for local consumption since 1953, and even exported an earlier version of the very famous Gol to North America as Fox for a time. Now the successful and economical new Fox is crossing the pond, replacing the miniscule Lupo in European markets. Larger and less expensive than the Lupo it replaces, it also boasts a torquey 1.4-liter engine that provides punch off the line, along with typically competent Volkswagen handling prowess. In the highly competitive city car market, the Fox is a front-runner.



Since Max had mentioned on this thread
Here is the OffRoad Modificated version known as CrossFox

Gen 1

Gen 2


Should be brought back as a playable car instead of being downgraded to a traffic car!

It was quite fun once upgraded. I remember tuning mine to 1.4 and adding a turbo, essentially turning it into a 1.4 TSI. I built it into an unofficial Fox R in FM4. Good times!

Try adding some bodykits though. In FM4 it had an Abt front bumper.