Voice chat finally working on PC and OH GOD I WANT MY SILENCE BACK

Back to this topic, I consider it a good news that public chat is finally reachable.
Mute All definetely : Profile settings / others can communicate …
Mute All for a race / quick action : Create a new party.
Mute 1 :

  • if you join a championship and not yet in a race, you can go to menu, race grid, pick one from the list and mute
  • if you are waiting for next race, “recently played with” allows you to find a profile and mute the player.
    Still the frustration comes when s.o. joins the championship in the waiting room and does a lot of noise, kind of kills the race fun

Game behavior:
Team Adv : I’ve notice yesterday morning that the opposite team was always muted, I mean everyone. Behavior needs to be checked/confirmed.
People I’ve never set to mute are mute so that it seems that muting so is muting him for all players and until he unmute himself or so unmute him.
Poor quality public chat : public chat communication quality is just horrible, how it comes the public chat is not a simple party launched by the server and not by so … bandwidth saving ?
Streaming : Noticed that if your mic is involved in streaming it is tagged mute ( mic with cross ) on the score board, not sure if anything new. Strangely it applies only to its own mic and not the ones of mates involved in the streaming which are listed opened. Not sure if any change there or if it is something I did not notice before.

Could have been a good idea to consider muted by default but possibly they can’t as out of reach of the game feature scope.

I hope that people will take the opportunity given to make new friends. Just say Hi in any language and see what happens. Once several are discussing you will see that ramming often vanishes and more players are attentive at respecting others.

GG Playground Games I smashed my headphones because I can’t take any more weird noises in my ears while racing.

People wants to make friends ? Good for you but all I need is a MUTE ALL button to be able to enjoy the game again with mine.