VIPER654's FH2 Photography

Welcome to my Horizon 2 Media Gallery
I finally bought FH2 over the weekend. Now I can really hibernate over the winter in my man cave while in FH2 Photo mode.
This game is truly beautiful!




](MX5 Dirt 2 | Scott Baker | Flickr)[


](NSX Blue Sky | Scott Baker | Flickr)[





Your feedback would be appreciated, I’ll use this thread as a place to showcase my photo’s.


Scott / VIPER654](Balloon 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Alfa Badge | Scott Baker | Flickr)](NSX Backdrop | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Alfa Lights | Scott Baker | Flickr)](GT86 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](MX5 MK1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Ferrari Rear | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Ferrari 2 | Scott Baker | Flickr)

Nice start! I would suggest using Flickr for higher quality photos.

Thanks Nights Viper. I’ve created a Flickr and changed the pictures to Flickr uploads. Agreed much better quality. Thanks for the heads up.

Decided to complete one of the Extreme Off-road Championships last night, and also stumbled across a Barn Find. Not bad for an hours Gameplay.



](Offroad jump | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Offroad 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)

Another victim of the forzatography virus :wink:

Great depth on this shot

I like the washed out colors of this one


Thanks Guguhype, those are my two favorite shots so far.

Beautiful Pictures :smiley: -

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Had another go at some Realism shots. Trying to use the sunlight and Aperture to create more dynamic shots.

Subaru BRZ





Crop Race

](Crop Race 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](GTO Dirt 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](Ferrari 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](BRZ 5 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](BRZ 3 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](BRZ 2 | Scott Baker | Flickr)

Looks good! Last one is my favourite. Only thing I could say is watch your colour and sepia. The BRZ shots, except the first one, look sorta washed out

Thanks iHomie, I’m just getting used to using all the effects in my photo rather just changing the exposure setting which is what I used to do a lot of say on Forza 5.

I struggle with nightime / darker photo’s especially when I’m trying to create a realism effect, another Attempt with my RX8 last night.

This shot is very cool!

+1 Some great shots and looking forward to seeing more

+1 Great action shot!

Besides that I really like the GTO shots, I think the sepia suits good there.

+1 A real sense of depth to it
gallery is coming along great! [INSERT TERMINATOR QUOTE HERE]

Woot Woot +1 train! lol Really it’s a neat shot.

I’ve been trying to get picture of exhausts shooting out some flames.

Seeing as the Mazda RX8 I drive does this quite a lot since I took the CAT Converter off the exhaust, I decided to see if the RX8 in Forza would shoot some flames giving the right upgrades.

First quick attempt at capturing some flames, I’m hoping to capture some bigger better ones.


Its actually quite hard to capture a decent flame, if you try using the rewind function and view the replay, the game does not show the flames that you just saw!

Oh and I finally found out how to move the Forza Watermark! [RB]](RX8 Flame 2 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](RX8 Flame 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)

Nice tries so far. I’ve not yet managed to capture decent flames, it’s really difficult. Shift up or down and immediatelly pause the game, theoretically ^^
](RX8 Flame 2 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](RX8 Flame 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)


You know how I like quote trains! I’m on board for this one. Good job!

I bought a 430 Scuderia, and it also likes to flame :slight_smile:

]($30 Flame 1 | Scott Baker | Flickr)](430 REAR | Scott Baker | Flickr)

Last shot is smoking!