VIP not being recognized


I game share with my brother. He purchased the Ultimate edition on his account so all of the content downloads onto my Xbox as well including the VIP and downloadable content. The only thing is the VIP isn’t being recognized in game. I can’t even buy another VIP membership if I tried. Any suggestions on a fix for this?

I’m having the exact same issue with my brother also.
the car passes, and all the other ultimate bundle does work (although I don’t get the carpass cars free, have to use ingame credits. that i don’t mind too much about)
but the VIP pass is downloading, yet doesn’t work. I’m currently redownloading the full ultimate bundle set to double check this, but the general consensus is that it wont work on the second console.

if I purchase the VIP pass separately via a game store and use “use a code” will that unlock the VIP status for me? or as I technically “own” it already will it just not work, and ill be wasting my money?

such as
[](Buy DNU Forza Motorsport 6: VIP Membership on Xbox One | GAME vip&catGroupId=)

try hard resetting your console after installation…even try pulling the power cord from the wall socket
no good buying another code if you already have it…you just wasting your money

thing is, I don’t technically have a code. I’m sharing my brothers according to game sharing. so ive a 10£ gift voucher here that someone gave to me as I helped them out, so will only set me back a 5er. no harm in trying then, if it doesn’t. ive lost a 5er and ill have to suck it up and buy the ultimate edition for myself

I can confirm this method doesn’t work. purchased the code, entered it. redownloaded the vip pack, and I’m still not vip. looks like ill have to stop gameshare and purchase independently. a very costly mistake to be made here :frowning:
or live with the fact I’m not vip… hmmm…

I am having the same issue with my VIP. If there is a solution found, I would love to hear it.

Sadly I have same issue with my VIP. Hard reset console not helps, redownload also. T10 please fix this.

Same issue here. I thought it was odd I wasn’t getting double credits or what ever it is.

Hope it gets fixed.

I’m level 10 and I haven’t either noticed double credits and/or XP when the race ends. I have the crown next to my name.

Same for me. Crown is showing, but no double credits or XP. But I’m not sure if it is part of the VIP-Status as it was in Forza 5.

Well it says on the description that it doubles race rewards. I’m not seeing it unless it does the calculations without showing anything.

A friend I play with online is having the same issue. I’m wondering if Turn 10 made certain aspects of the package account locked. It may not be a bug/glitch, it may be as intended.

I don’t think this is the case as I don’t game share and am also not seeing double rewards.

I have everything except the VIP Badge.

I also do not seem to be receiving VIP perks. My wife and I have accounts on the console, but I haven’t tried playing Forza 6 with her account (nor will she be playing the game.)

Have tried reinstalling it and it says it’s installed but then I have no double credits nor a crown beside my name.

I see VIP cars in the game but they are not free, also VIP badge is missing and I not getting double credits.


Exact same here

Really hope they fix it


i had the same problem in FH2. my son and me both play but i get the VIP because i paid. I dont even mind paying for VIP twice for him but i don’t see a way to do it. It just says installed. Do the turn 10 guys pick this stuff up or is it worth a direct email?

you can purchase vip for him by logging into the xbox website and purchasing there…you just cant do it from the console for some reason

this was talked about when horizon 2 was released as well

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