Violent Wheel FFB Jolt - Left Turns

I am making a post here since my 20 day old Forza Support ticket remains unanswered. Most of this information will be copied from said ticket - Ticket ID: #532631. I realise it may be a difficult issue to investigate, but I am eager to get it resolved.
I hope I am posting this correctly and in the right place!

Whilst making reasonably aggressive left turns at medium to high speed, the game will send a violent jolt of vibration/FFB through my wheel. It only ever occurs whilst turning left, and some specific corners seem to reliably produce the issue (though it occurs across the map, on all surfaces and elevations, and affects seemingly all cars). It doesn’t always occur, but I would guess it has around a 40% chance of happening during any moderate left steering input above the speed of 50mph (sometimes lower). During some play sessions it happens almost immediately, whilst in others it will take a few attempted left steering inputs to first occur.

The game has exhibited this strange behaviour ever since the Series 19 update which I understand to have overhauled/added some wheel settings for consoles. At the time (and when I first began to experience the issue), I had a One X and used my Logitech G920. I have since upgraded both - now playing on a Series X with a Fanatec CSL DD 8nm - but the issue persists and remains identical in cause (left turns?) and sensation.

I have tried changing and defaulting all in game settings (wheel + button bindings), as well as deleting and reinstalling the game, but to no avail. I have also tried using both the front and rear USB ports on the Xbox, but none resolve the problem. No other racing title has exhibited a similar behaviour, and the issue has remained despite my changing of both wheel and console, so I am pretty confident the issue is not hardware related and is strictly related to Horizon 5. I have looked online for other players experiencing the same problem, but have yet to find any other reports of my particular situation.

I really enjoy driving in Horizon 5 using a wheel, but the persistence of this issue is spoiling it for me, making driving at moderate to fast pace considerably less enjoyable (and considerably more difficult).

- Platforms: Xbox Series X (current), Xbox One X (old)
- Wheels: Fanatec CSL DD 8nm + WRC rim (current), Logitech G920 (old)
- Wheel Driver: Fanatec Driver 455
- Content Update: Series 19 onwards
- My Forza Support Ticket: #532631