very annoying

I have a complaint about the message that comes up when a player quits a race.It appears right in your line of vision and can actually cause you to crash out especially when you are approaching a corner and up pops “xxx has quit” i mean that’s all very interesting but i’m trying to race over here,i would greatly appreciate the message popping up in a corner away from my line of vision,thanks.


True. So annoying

If that’s your main complaint regarding online play you lead a very charmed life! lol
I doubt they’ll do anything as there are much bigger problems. The pop up messages on Xbox in general are annoyingly placed. It would be nice to have them user configurable as you could change it to suit Forza and then find it’s annoyingly placed in another game. That’s my main bugbear with modern UI’s, there’s no such thing as one size fits all, but developers still try and force this stuff.
For now i’d just accept those annoying messages. At least you have people in your lobbies to quit out in the first place! lol

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Jumped into a Lambo league early evening, ELite, and it was so bad on Indy I didn’t get off the grid and had so much damage I just turned around and pitted. Stayed way to my left against the wall, made the pits, and when the race ended I had that annoying message in my face counting down right in line of sight. So, to summarize, it just made it that much worse…

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Yep, I’ve mentioned here before how annoying “middle of screen” notifications are. I don’t complain much (I’m a Forza “fan”, generally), but this is one of those nuisance items that gets under my skin after the umpteenth time.

OldSchool, I also find that “end of race” countdown one of the worst offenders. After being sidelined by wreckers early-on, you’re trying to finish before the race ends. The last thing you need is text interferring with your line of sight.

Would love to see these types of notifications moved…perhaps up a bit so they’re still readily visible, yet not in the most “active” space of the screen?

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I agree, It’s very distracting. It should be like it was in 3 and 4 where it would come up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Mind you a lot of things would be better if they were like how they were in 3 and 4.


I’m assuming its centered for 3rd person viewing? Higher up where the rear view mirror is would suit me in hood/bonnet view but Probably not best placement for it for 3rd person though.

I’d have to agree it is minorly annoying. But not clench the jaw annoyed.

Tough s*** is what I say, you guys who use hood view shouldn’t even be getting a rear view mirror, I didn’t even realize hood view had one until I read PervasiveFall8’s comment.

Try doing a race in cockpit view with a cracked windshield, where you have to guesstimate where your tires are/ going to be, where the side mirror and frames to windshield and windows are in the way on most turns. Hell, I even have a smaller field of vision to begin with let alone pop-ups.

Not meaning to sound like a douchebag.

I agree, it is very annoying and a minor error of Turn 10 but one that would be easily fixed but I doubt that will. I race on bumper so it is right on my eye line. Why have that info there at all? I personally don’t want to know who and who hasn’t quit until after the game. I cant think of any relevance it has during the race, The ones who have quit early are normally the crashers.

In response to Silent, It is your choice to race in cockpit and impair your vision as so desired, (described) . Its not our choice to have a message put in our eye line unexpectedly enough to distract, at normally the wrong inappropriate time.

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If it was a major emergency then it would warrant the middle of the driving line but its not like we could or would do anything about it. All it does it make me check the standings to see if I’m dead last or just next to last…

You and me both, Killer. Thanks for the laugh!

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I disagree, the exit message is not intruding at all and renders good information as to who has left the game. I normally glance at them when they pop-up and continue on my merry old way for sure!

I agree with the OP. That should be an easy bit of code for a T10 engineer to change the location of that annoying pop-up.

From the posts it seems to be an issue of perspective. I race in far chase so the messages are not in my direct sight line. I do agree that telling me who dropped out is irrelevant for the most part, the countdown timer follows the classic game pattern of putting a clock in your face to amp up your emotion.

The ability to modify the HUD is something that should have been part of this game for a long time already. Color, placement of notice, ability to change what is in each corner, etc. should be table stakes at this point of game development.

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Absolutely. I like white cars for the most part until an idea for a scheme hits me. Driving in hood view like I do it puts the tach and the track map over a white hood. I have no reasonable explanation as to why it really matters to me what the outside of the car looks like.