Using mic and headset w/ steering wheel

I use a TX wheel and there are no jacks to insert the headset to. I thought i heard others were connecting it to the game pad controller but i can’t hear anything on it when i try it that way. How to do? Thanks.

I start my game up with my wheel get to the main menu and then turn the controller/mic on and it works.

Though since the latest Xbox update it has been made a little worse.

Tur off the Xbox , disconnect the wheel.
Start the console with the controller.
When the Xbox is booted up connect the wheel and start the game with your wheel.
The headsett on the controller should now work fine.

You will need to occasionally push a random button on the controller to keep if from shutting down.
Or you can get a play and charge kit, that should keep the controller from shutting down.


Thanks Bernes.

Have to actually turned the controller on when using the mic?

If you plug a micro USB lead into the controller and then into the xbox… You won’t need to push any buttons. It’ll stay on constantly… That is if you’re close enough to your xbox. I had to buy a USB extension lead for it to reach to my rig but it works.


Still cant get this headset to work. It’s the one that came with my xbox. I can hear a very faint slight white noise but that’s it. Help?


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Ooops sorry appolgies

Still can’t comm with anyone in multiplayer. Even just using my gamepad. I’ve used the mic and headset with my phone and it works. Just when i’m in multiplayer i get nothing. I have the forza6 edition xbox one if that matters.

I stopped trying to talk in game. I can only ever hear 1 or 2 others per lobby, but I see many mics flashing. So I just gave up. I mute whoever I can hear.

The few times I ventured into public lobbies, some boneheads decided it would be funny to blast music while racing. If I were to unplug the headset, I would hear the blaring guitars through the speakers. So I turned the headset down and didn’t turn up after that.

I couldn’t write some of the offenders gamertags down before they left the lobby and the game, but the ones that I remembered, I lauded complaints and I hope they were properly tarred and feathered.

But long story short, I since muted any communication in public lobbies in every game, because this sort of thing isn’t limited to Forza.

I hate that guy. What about the breather guy? Constantly breathing into the mic. Gotta Mute those offenders.

I am going to try this today. I just started using a wheel last night and wasn’t able to use my mic either. Also, I wish there was an option were if you wanted to, you can talk to everyone that’s in your Horizon Life session. Basically like a lobby chat kind of thing. I think that would make it easier to find people to do co-op races and PVP races with. You would also be able to alert people that your about to start an event and ask if they want to join since it takes forever takes forever to get into a PVP or Co-Op race.

I have a question on this. It seems since I changed to the xBoxoneX that this no longer works IF I connect the controller to the console via usb. I have a set of Turtle Beach’s and they work fine if I just leave them on battery power. As soon as I connect the usb cord the audio disappears. Unplug the cord and the audio will return. What am I missing?