Unsold Cars In Auction House

At least PG decided to add an option so you don’t need to re-clutter up your garage with unsold cars from the AH.

The “GIFT CAR” option looked to be a welcome addition until I realised that you still have to go through the boring rigmarole of downloading the car first before it is gifted.

Why, oh why PG never added a multi-select and scrap/delete option so that that multiple unsold cars could be deleted remotely and never waste bandwidth ever again is anyone’s guess?

Nobody ever tested it? Lol. Rip, I enjoy the listings that don’t sell relisted same. Morons
And charmers gifted stripped jeeps and dreck.
I’ve gifted a dozen or more tuned, useful cars with great liveries. Useable.
10 thanks. Done.

This. I was so happy to see this new option as I had at 9+ cars sitting unsold. I’m on an OG Xbox One so the load time on downloading the car back just makes me not bother until I’m doing something else and can zone out for 5 minutes to get them back.

But as soon as I pressed Gift, I got the exact same load crap. So the option is useless for making the AH less painful, especially on first gen hardware the game supports.

It would be nice of we had this option on wheelspins too.

I keep a very small garage (~20 cars), I don’t want to win cars from wheelspins at all. :slightly_smiling_face: