Auction house blues

Sorry to be the jerk to bring this up for the thousandth time, but is there any plan at all to introduce a sell back option for cars?

I get that we have the auction house, but there’s so many unwanted cars floating around in there that it makes it near impossible to get rid of lower value cars. So I’m sure I’m not the only player who has to sift through a ton of cars in our garage that we will probably never drive to choose one of the few we do use normally. Sure I can delete them, but that doesn’t seem to make sense since the cars still have a listed value even when they’re in the garage.

This just seems like an huge oversight by the design team. It’s frustrating being strapped for CRs in the game and having a garage value of about 14,000,000 CRs that I can’t benefit from. Plus, there isn’t a set number of each car, so the longer people play, the less need the player will have for the auctions. When I try to auction something now, a lot of times I end up with zero bids, when a month or two ago I was getting multiple bids or buy-outs on every auction.

I would suggest maybe a %50 sell back offer on garage cars. This way players can recover some of their garage value, and it’ll keep some of the auction house flooding of unwanted stuff down quite a bit and help keep the auction house from becoming a ghost town where no one is buying because everyone is selling.

Just my mindless ramble of a suggestion.

No one knows but you can post your suggestion here: Forza Horizon 3 Features Wish List