Auction Relist option badly needed

The FH5 Auction House needs a menu option to relist unsold cars. Rather than having to reclaim, going through 14 or more click steps to get a car relisted. A “Relist” menu option item would (or could) accomplish this in three clicks or less.

Please people, do vote for this and bring it to the attention of the developers.

Yes please!

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I’d even prefer it to be fully automatic. I just don’t need a dupe of some car, yet am too greedy to just gift a 1kk+ car away.

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Need it!

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This is really needed.

This! I’m blown away how this feature isn’t there from day one.

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I don’t even use the auction house very often and I 100% support this feature. If my auction fails to sell, I should be able to relist it with all the same parameters selected when I originally listed it with a single click. Or if you MUST use reclaim, the two clicks: RECLAIM then RELIST.

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It shoulf be an option to “re-list” unsold cars. Its just so tideous and time consuming to reclaim unsold cars, find it in your garage, and put it back up for auction.

And i dont want to waste all my SP on mastery and get it to 20 mil just to give it away for free.

Why not replace the “gift” option with “re-list”, and just put it up for the same bid/buy out and duration, or at the very least add a “sell” option in the garage to sell it for the listed value.