Unpopular Opinion About Rivals

Hello! This is my first Forza Horizon game, and I’ve been enjoying the single player quite a lot so far. Like many, I really dislike team adventure, but that’s for another topic.

I’ve seen quite a lot of complaints (in that huge thread about online disappointments) about rivals in FH4, and to be honest, I’m not really bothered by it. I mean, I am bothered by certain aspects of the rivals system, but I’m quite enjoying the current concept of having to build a car around certain restrictions to race on a particular track. The only thing that bugs me about this is that a good half (or more?) of the rivals system requires you to use a pre-built/stock car they give, and you aren’t even allowed to make your own adjustments to that.

The only thing that would make the rivals system perfect for me is to allow me to build cars within a set of restrictions for any track they give. Like if you want to restrict me to a certain car, at least let me build the car from scratch. And with the upcoming route creator (real soon lol) it would be great if they could include the more popular user created tracks into the rivals system as well.

Also, if someone could actually explain what class based rivals are, that’d be great for me to understand why the current system isn’t good.

Class based rivals is one type of the “set of restrictions for any track” you’d like to see. Class based rivals would mean that for any given track there’s a Rivals event where the only restriction is the class PI limit (any car in A class, and so on). The full breadth of class based rivals events would mean adding a leaderboard for each class (D, C, B, A, S1, S2, X) for each of the 90+ routes; hundreds of more leaderboard events.

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soo… it’s not so unpopular))) You have the same issue that we all have) Class based rivals is a system where it was an option to take a car with any index (for example A class or B class) and compete on any track form the game. And If you took A class you will compete with A class rival and so on. This is how it was in FH3 and we all want it back.

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