Unfair opponents

I race with above avarage drivatars. I upgraded an porsche cayman to s2 901 and start an everything goes race. Other cars are all s1 995 and that is fine. But for some reaseon it also puts me agains a 939 regera and because of that I have no chance of winning in my rear wheel drive porsche. Can someone explain how the game made this idiotic decision.

Sometimes life is tough, in this case the game made a tough decision and ran with it.

Drop your car down to a class it can actually get nearly maximum PI in. Right now it’s at the bottom of the barrel.


Is all ways good when a person asking the question supplies the answer in there question


Anyone can win A800 Warthogs using A800 RWD truck uphill? I have tired a few times and still cannot win.
And yes, I switched to lowest , easiest drivators level.

In reading your post, I’m assuming when you say (write) S2 901 you are referring to the PI. If so, how do you get the other vehicles at S1 995 (PI)? Did you mean S1 895?

If that is the case, then add some heavier wheels to drop your PI to 900 and you probably won’t have to worry about the 939 (PI) Regera.

so my internet got hacked and i had to remove my account and get it back… i loaded up forza asnd chose my data my got the wrong one… and cant get any of my cars back

so what are saying
not sure why you have posted that here