Unable to Play Forza Horizon 4

I have had a problem with my Forza Horizon 4 game that I have been wanting to solve but i don’t know how to. The problem is that when i play the game it says that it is syncing data with my account but it never does I have waited basically a day and it stays at 0% if i stop it from syncing and reopen the game the syncing message will not pop up but the game will be stuck on loading please wait. The way that I get the sync pop up to come back up is to restart my PC. I have tried resetting the game and nothing happened. I have tried logging out of Xbox and logging back in. I have tried the Microsoft store and the Xbox app to open the game, nothing works.

Please help

I play on Xbox so I don’t know if there will be a similar file/folder in the PC game files but anyway what I do when this happens (has happened a few times now) I go to where the game data is stored and delete saved game data and restart, that usually cures it

check if your teredo is working correctly

what is that

it is working

neither of those helped