Unable to log into Forza Street

For some reason I’m getting a network error (reason 8) message when I log into Forza Street on my mobile phone. The message says it has to do with my internet connection, but I’m connected on my laptop, desktop and other devices, so I don’t understand why I’m getting this message. It was working fine earlier today then it stopped when I opened the app to play again. I tried logging into Forza support and it shows a 404 Error Page, but shows my login at the top. Because of this I’m unable to submit a ticket. Is there an way I can email or call support?

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Hi do you no if there is a specific Forza Street Forum? Cant seem to find one at all .

I lost my save on Forza Street last night (7/19/21).
The message that appeared was that the server was in error.

And I wanted my save again.
It would be possible ?