Ultimate edition worth the money?

Hi! I have played the demo version of Forza6 and liked it very much, even more than Project Cars.
My question is, does the ultimate edition worth 100$?
I got the Horizon 2 last year and I really hated it that I dont have the VIP and Car Pass for low price.
But the question is, does the 100$ is really a good price for a game with all its DLCs?

its a good deal, just buy it. It is cheaper if you buy it all as a bundle instead of individually, and you get a bonus of playing early. starting today.

The 6 car packs bought individually would be around £7.99 a pack so £47.94 for the lot. The game is £49.99 alone so thats already £97.93… Shall I continue?

This doesnt help me as I was talking about USD ($) currency. I dont know the price of the ultimate edition in pounds.

pretty sure the Ultimate edition was £81.99 so yeah making a big saving if you’re planning on getting the season pass etc.

In USD, the game is $59.99. Car pack are $8 or $10 a piece or somewhere around there. So that’s close to $50.

You also get the fast & furious car pack which will be around same price as a normal car pack.

You also get VIP status which is normally $15-$20.

So yea, you save a bunch. You’ll save at least $30-35 up front.

Actually, if you could i would greatly appreciate it. I cant seem to find the exact savings anywhere when my friend asked me how much the savings was.

I don’t think it was worth it, but thats because I have the gamers club thing at best buy. So the game was $50 + $10 gift card for pre-ordering. I’m planning on using that $10 for microsoft points to go towards the car pass. I wasn’t willing to pay $50 more (and no $10 gift card) for the ultimate edition (though I was tempted) because it was cheaper for me to go through best buy. And I haven’t bothered getting VIP since FM4 because they removed the auction house.

If you plan on getting everything anyways, then by all means get it, it will save you money. There are ~460 cars already included, by the time you’ve enjoyed all of those, I’m sure the car pass will be on sale. Thats what I did with FH2, I think I got the car pass for $10 on sale.

I purchased the ultimate edition for myself because I say yes, it’s worth it. As Swerve already mentioned, you’ll save money in the long run if you plan on getting all the extras anyway. Not only that but you’ll get to start playing the game today if you get the ultimate edition!

Is it out yet? How much does it weight? Sorry cannot check for myself because I am at work.

Thanks for all for your replies!

Is it out yet? How much does it weight? Sorry cannot check for myself because I am at work.

Thanks for all for your replies!

Is it out yet? How much does it weight? Sorry cannot check for myself because I am at work.

Thanks for all for your replies!

i bought the ultimate almost only for playing it on 10th than on 18th …

Ultimate edition is cheaper than buying all the packs separately so yeah, its a good deal. I know I am going to buy all the car packs so I just went ahead and bought the ultimate edition.

In an answer, if you plan on buying all of the DLC for this game, it’s worth it.

If you don’t, just get the standard edition.

I don’t know how much money you’ll save buying the Ultimate, but you will save at least some. Could be $5, could be $30, at the moment no one knows.

Forza Motorsport 6 is a video game. It is a luxury item purchased out of what should be discretionary funds. Buying the Ultimate Edition will save you money over buying a lesser version and purchasing additional DLC individually, buying the Ultimate Edition will also provide you benefits that no other version can.

Only you can decide what is worth your money, the same as the rest of us.

I purchased the Ultimate Edition even though I get a copy of the game for free from Turn 10 and I still feel it is more than worth it to me.


All the DLC that it comes with (bio and carc pass) is well over $100 and free car pack can’t go wrong

Can somebody help me out, im looking to buy the Ultimate Edition but im not sure on the exact price with tax included, does anybody know what it comes out to overall?

I bought the Ultimate Edition only because I managed to find some cheap Microsoft Points, which basically saved me 30 $. I would not pay 100 $ for that. There are 460 cars in the base game, and the car pass will only offer 42 cars, definitely not worth the extra money.

The VIP Pass should offer more value - double credits, exclusive events and rewards. And probably some discounts on future DLC or Forza Horizon 3 (or something).

I’d say it is. There’s roughly a couple dozen cars you get from Limited Edition, 10 year anniversary, and Fast and Furious car packs. Not a bad way to start the game. VIP also gets you bonus payouts in races. Then there’s getting every car from the 6 monthly car passes (free for first time purchase).

And as an added bonus at this point the sooner you buy it the sooner you can play it. Those that get either of the other two versions have to wait a few more days.

And if all that isn’t enough being VIP and having the Car Pass for a FM game is something Turn 10 tends to reward. Both in Forza rewards points (counts as paid DLC owned), and also in loyalty rewards when starting up new FM titles. Meaning by getting and enjoying the Ultimate Edition of FM6 you’ll get more stuff to start out your FM7 garage with when it inevitably releases in 2 years.