UI Suggestions (Private Lobby)

So a few ideas in the Private Lobby part of the game.
Track Info in center screen
In the main screen after players are in and event is created - there is space in the center of the screen for track information. to the left is the menu, to the right is player info but in the middle is blank space so create a box and dump into it the current track and conditions slected with out the need to drill into event info and review. This simple change will reduce player navigation for car set up as the track info should be front and center

Car Divisions
When in private lobby we goto event set up and choose car divisions. When selecting this you have a logo for each Division at hand, can you add or replace this logo with a model of a car from that division. it would be a lot easier to see what I am selecting from this simple addition - randomly change the model if needed but just add this in else I need to choose a division, commit exit - jump into select car and see if its what I want!

When in Private Lobby if menu items are greyed out then just skip over them… no need to scroll past them to get from a top item to the last item. your creating extra clicks for the user that is not needed

AI Cars
Lets us have AI racers to pack out the race where we have 3 or 4 racers it would be great to have the remainder with AI cars… keeps it interesting for the back markers

Private Lobby League
In line with this allow us to create a mini private lobby league like Project Cars…

  • Select number of races/rounds
  • allocate points for winner to first 5 or 10 placed finishers - even bonus point for quickest clean lap time ( we have a it so that no matter the runners the last 2 placed finishers get a point for quickest clean lap, it keeps the runners in touch with the leaders points wise)
  • Allow a track and condition randomizer
  • hit start and let the game run the league points.

Overall great game but a few tweaks and it would really land