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Platform: Xbox One S

Video Provided via Xbox Capture

Edit: This occurs in Base Game Mexico, Hot Wheels and Rally Adventure so it’s not limited to one DLC.

After Swapping Cars in FH5 the PI of your vehicle will be displayed as its Stock Value regardless of whether the Vehicle is tuned or not.

E.g if a Car is C505 Stock but you’ve tuned it to A800 then it still displays as C505 but has the A Class Performance it should have.

This affects the Pause Menu as well as the Menu in Races and Leaderboards for PR Stunts and Rivals.

For these Videos note the PI on the Stat Card when I select the Car and then the PI in the Top Left when I open the Pause Menu after the swap is complete.

Footage of me swapping an X Class Koenigsegg Jesko and it showing the PI as S2:971

Footage of me swapping an A800 Class Acura Integra and it showing the PI as C596.

That exact same Acura being chosen in a Pre-Race Screen with the correct PI

The Starting Grid Menu for the Race showing the Car with the Incorrect Stock PI

The Finishing Results after the Race

And then I used that exact same Car with the same A800 Tune to set a Time at a Speed Trap where it also shows the incorrect Stock PI

The only fix I’ve found so far is a full reboot of the Game and then it seems temporary, I’m not sure what even triggers it exactly but it just happens and you’re stuck with it until a reboot.

Edit 2: I’m not sure if this is the only Trigger for it but after doing a Race where you’re forced into a Particular Car I found that triggered the glitch to happen. For me I did the Desafío Race with Ramiro in Rally Adventure and that seemed to be the cause of it on that day.

I haven’t tested Showcases from the main game yet but that might also be a potential trigger.

On a XBSX and using a MB X-Class that was tuned for B Class 700. The Truck shows as 700 when selecting just fine, but when used in the race in the new Rally Expansion festival playlist, upon completion the game shows the PI as 368, and after the race concluded it shows as 368 in free-roam even though the truck still performs as a B-Class 700.

It’s every car not just one.

Edit: Removed link to my post as we’re already here now

upvoted… I just don’t want to get banned for a bug. Cheat all you want, but for trivial stuff they’ll ban you for 1000 years.


Yea I highly doubt they’ll ban, it’s an incredibly widespread issue from what I’ve seen fortunately.

Hi I having trouble with the new F150 Lightning. I upgraded it to be B700. But in menus and races it is ranked as B607.
Even if I upgrade it to A739, same bug. Anyone having the same ? thanks

Maybe related to MB X-Class not reporting correct PI Tuning number in Rally Expansion - Horizon Troubleshooting / FH5 Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums ?

It upgrades but shows the stock pi.

Mentioned in one of the troubleshooting threads on either rally or series 19

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve also started experiencing this. A few people in my Discord have suggested that it happens after you beat the Rally Adventure Goliath.

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I think it could be incorrect if you are in the rally expansion but it may work correctly if you did the rival from base game. (because some are working and some are not)

This has happened to me as well. My PI reads as stock on any car I’ve competed in. I look very out of place on the standings.

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I haven’t even unlocked the Goliath yet and it’s happening to me.

I think it’s just triggered from the normal events, potentially it could be from the Champion Events where you’re forced into a car but I’m not sure.

I’ll take a look today and see if I can pinpoint the time when it happens.

Edit: This seems to be the case, I did the Showdown Race with Ramiro for the Grit Reapers and my PI bugged out afterwards.

for me it happen when I have the two or more of the same cars with different tunes in my garage:

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Same exact issue here on PC, happens on every car.
Cannot complete some accolades because of it.

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Happening also to me on PC.

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Same problem for me, on XBox One X.

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Idem on Series X, it’s worth adding/emphasising that we had an intermittent issue with needing to apply tunes twice (so, not within Rally DLC), and as others have mentioned this is now pretty much a requirement across the board (yet to personally test HW DLC), post-update ( be that March 28 or the DLC, one or both!).

Example, from Rally just now.

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I’ve been rallying around in my Alpine today and when I finished it said my PI was 694 not 800. So I thought perhaps I had tuned it for B class by mistake. As you can see in the photo, my PI is correct at A800.

Not a game breaking issue, there are plenty of those, but annoying none the less.

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So you can now drive an A800 car in B-class?