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You can drive a car that is originally delivered with a PI A(701+), have it tuned down to B (smaller engine, heavy gearbox and rims, Forza spoiler), participate in a B race and all participants see your default A PI in the starting grid, although your car is only capable of B700 power now.
You do not have any advantages, only the displayed PI is larger than it should be.
Same applies with S1 (like the Audi quattro #2 with a 6L engine)

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another new bug this season (Series 19 spring live 20/04/23).

tuned cars are showing as standard PI when in the pause menu but their correct PI shows in the garage. After a race, the incorrect PI also shows on the result screen. Did the Hot Wheels playlist S2 race in the CLK GTR and the race result showed it as an S1 not tuned to S2.

This issue was fixed with the content update on 25 April 2023.

At the time of the fix this issue had 13 votes.

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