TX wheels throws left to right..

Hey guys,

Bought a TX couple of weeks ago, didn’t try it with the .48 firmware as I updated it instantly but It would appear when Im driving in game and twitch the wheel a little bit either to the left or right the force feedback then throws the wheel left to right until I stop driving or hold it straight. As soon as I move the wheel again when driving it’s all over the place. Not when I’m sat still just when I’m moving.

Is anyone else getting this? I’m not getting it on forza 6 though.

Any help would be good because if it’s broken I’ll be sending it back :(:frowning:

I’m not much of a poster… more of a lurker but here goes.

If it is just doing it in one game and other games are normal? then it should be the game not your wheel. Last time I played horizon 2 was a week ago.
It was fine then, but I loaded up the fast and furious mini game thing a couple days ago and it was doing what you are talking about. like there is flubber in there or something… little bit then more and more until it just throws lock to lock until the car comes to rest. Makes it almost impossible to control the car.
A little side to side is normal but that is not. I played Forza 6 immediately after just to be sure and it was fine.

TL:DR I think your wheel is fine.

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Yeah, it’s odd. I did manage to play it the other day and not do it which strange. It’s only because I’m new to wheels on consoles/ PCs so I don’t really know what to expect or feel. But thank you for your post :slight_smile: