TX brake pedal fix

Do this at your own risk!

I know a lot of other tx users, still using the standard two pedal setup, have had troubles with the brake pedals. I have stuck a rubber piece behind my pedal to reduce lockup, but that wasn’t the big problem. The big problem was the brake pedal’s huge deadzone. Whenever I pressed the brake pedal it wouldn’t trigger any brake pressure until about 50% travel. Apparently it’s a common problem. I tried placing another piece of rubber to hold the pedal out. Wouldn’t work, it would slide out halfway of the race.

I got brave and tore open the pedals. I should have taken pictures but forgot, sorry. Any who, there’s a small gear that is driven by the pedals. Basically I done a little bit of adjusting with the gear and fixed my problem. I left the game on telemetry and kept adjusting the gear till it was where I wanted. There’s also a spring behind the brake pedal. Maybe a stiffer spring would help the feel of the pedals.

Through my trial and error of attempting this, the best way IMO is to remove almost all the black screws from the bottom of the pedal assembly, leaving only a few on the accelerator side. From there you should be able to see inside. Using a flashlight and a long screwdriver you should be able to adjust the gear. It doesn’t require much movement, maybe one tooth difference. Be careful though, as the base and foot rest become separated the pedal will move foward, not contacting the gear at all, allowing the gear to free wheel. Once you move the gear I found it easiest to place my knees on the foot rest to join the base and foot rest back together without having to put the screws back in. From here you can test your pedal to see if it is to your liking. Once adjusted, replace all the small black screws and you’re on your way!

Hopfully this can help somebody!

Oh yeah, forgot to add.

You’re brake pedal may not rest at 0% braking force. All you need to do is fix your deadzone in the advanced wheel settings in the game. Whatever percent of force is present when the pedal is not touched is what your deadzone needs to start at.