Two questions regarding Homespaces and the new dash-cam

So i kinda like FM7 so far, a bit buggy atm (its right after release so i kind of understand it)

Though there are two questions.

First, is there an option to change the Homespace or not? It’s kinda confusing since i couldnt really find anything giving a clear answer

Second, the new dash cam where you dont see the steeringwheel. It’s nice and all (my fav view if there wasnt that one issue ->), but in many cars you simply dont see the mirrors which makes it almost impossible to make space in multiclass races because you simply dont see whats going on. (or normal races where you have some annoying dude trying to overtake you and you try to defend your position)

Is there an option to enable a virtual mirror like we have it on hood cam etc? I turned it on in settings but didnt see it on the dash cam.