Two Major Issues

  1. Handling of vehicles is absolute poor. The all-electric Porsche won’t turn the slightest bit, even at an extremely slow pace. Other vehicles are the same, but not as bad. Otherwise I’ve also noticed cars have been spinning out way too easy off of the tiniest little bump. I’ve played all Horizon games and unfortunately, this is not good for an enjoyable experience as it has never occurred previously.

  2. Online continues to disconnect, again. Over & over. Thought on iGo, this issue was stated to be fixed…

For 1) have you removed the deadzones in advanced controller settings and disabled stability etc.
Base controller settings are like treacle.

No issues with turn in, though I have been playing FM7 and they really won’t turn.
Only issue I had with the Porsche was lack of engine noise… didn’t realise it was electic, and it only had 2 gears. I though the gear indicator was broken.

Using a 1080p monitor now with XBone S but I did also use the TV on another account and as the TV wasn’t set to ‘Game’ mode it had terrible input lag. Never noticed this on FH4, but FH5 was undrivable.

Playing at Highly Skilled while I learn the tracks mix of road, dirt and cross country and I’m usually in the lead by lap 2.

Deadzones? The only thing I’ve changed in controller settings is the semi-brake assistance, which didn’t really change much in the end anyway. Looked at other settings and things seem normal? Haven’t touched anything else. Very slow pace around the slightest bends and the Porsche wouldn’t even make it for some reason. Hopped into another vehicle and it took the corners well. But some aren’t great in saying that. Literally have to tune it more than likely, even though I’m not big on tuning.

I’ve been playing on average so far also, and the AI’s are legit racing at highly skilled level, which is another issue I’ve noticed.

I also found the handling a bit different compared to FH4 but I guess it’s a case of playing with the settings and also the car class.

Also noticed you can now crash into other online players which I didn’t think was the case in 4.

Graphics look amazing though on XSX - didn’t think there would be much of a difference but looks on another level.

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Yep getting the same disconnecting error, happens almost instantly as soon as I join a session

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Handling certainly changed and not to the better imho. There is extremely weak feedback from the tires and suspension when driving on tarmac. Although I maxed controller vibration in the menu the car doesn’t feel connected to the road. Offroad works well.

Cars are more prone to understeer, especially mid-end of a turn. While you could miss out on front-aero in Horizon 4 here it seems necessary on the faster AWD cars.

The new brakes mechanic is interesting but race brakes now seem too highly rated by the PI system. Often Sports brakes did a better job, especially on low speed braking.

Besides that the overall grip level is too high and the PI system is in dire need of more classes. The current ones are too wide. Got a SLS and it needs to be basically maxed out to reach S900 but it still has no wheelspin in 2nd gear with over 680 kw. There is something clearly off.

Pretty much. I just find the overall handling much more sensitive from your touch, in an aggressive way. I found the buggy on the Baja circuit nearly un-drivable because it kept spinning out.

The handling from FH4 was one thing which wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. Why did they change it so much?

Good, it’s not me only. Physics is no-go for me. They copied Dirt5. Sorry, but it’s not playable for me. H4 is still amazing. Maybe next time…

Beats me. FH3 basically made the franchise famous due to the great gameplay handling and now it’s unfortunately in need of a lot of tweaking to be playable.

Exactly. It never happened, I was shocked after few minutes. And tuning can’t help bad physics. Cars are too light without almost any inertia.

Does anybody feel more filtered input? It adds another input lag and feels so strange. It’s completely messed up.

When they said they would adjust the physics, I was skeptical about it (because I knew how bad the physics/steering was implemented in FM7). When I heard that the physics were going to change, I decided not to pre-order FH5 (they nailed the handling in FH3/FH4 with all the assists off). Now I will try the game first with gamepass to see if I like it. I hope this issue will be solved for you all soon.

They just used different approach. It’s for kids who can’t drive. I don’t like it and it won’t change. You are right, they told us it’s different but better. Better = means more arcadey. It doesn’t feel like driving cars anymore.

Nissan 350z A800 Street tires, 1.200+ bhp, no aero, no assists, barely any throttle control required. It just pulls its 430+ without any traction issues.
Whatever this is, it’s not the Forza anymore we as regulars expected.


thsi is weird, it runs fine here on old xbox, i would say driving has become easier, there seesm to be more grip…or maybe just for that car, lol
anyway, it works fine here.