*TUTORIAL* DRIFT build guide for wheel drifters. 900 DOR

Hey guys, i just wanted to post this video of an upgrade for you guys to try on your cars if you’re using a wheel on Forza Horizon 3

Nice sliding! I have a Logitech G920 I bought specifically for this game. So far, drifting has been challenging. Took me a bit to realize it was easier with nannies off.

How much difference does the car setup stuff make for feel? Camber, etc? Also one other question. When drifting, does your force feedback wheel just re-center, or does it power to opposite lock?

It all depends on the car honestly. Some cars have a better feel than other ones.
My ffb tends to recenter itself but sometimes I have to force it. Just hit me up or something whenever I’m on so we can drift if you want. I’m always willing to help teach.