Calling all Wheel Drifters!

Hi All

Trying to get a collection of users who only drive with wheel setups for online sideways action.

Still sorting out good tarmac sections across the map, additional suggestions welcome…

Please reply with GT or add me on XB1 (foolsjester)

I am only looking for wheel users on 900’!

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Hey Mate,
Im new to the whole wheel set up thing. I bought a G920 you got any tips for the settings i should start with? Having a bit of trouble holding a drift. Gotta say soo much easier in controller but soo far loving the wheel, just need a bit help with wheel settings. :blush:

dont know about the G920 as im on thrustmaster kit but my settings are;

900’ rotation
70% FFB
20% Vibration
Normal steering - Sim steering has no ffb feel (bad ffb implementation but this is well known about forza and steering wheels)

you need to tune cars to hold drifts well, install racing suspension and adjust the camber settings depending on car/power - start with 1.5 negative front and 1.0 negative rear. keep adjusting until you can feel the car hold the drift both with front wheel angle and the rear not just spining round. throttle and clutch control required. you also need to lock your diffs, 90-100% for both diff settings. install 2 way diff in upgrade.

Thanks dude! Will try those settings out next time im on…

Any other tips for a beginner wheel drifter?? Anything i should learn to etc…