Turn10 Cat and Mouse call out

I never post, and i wont bother you guys again. I know there are many posts on cat and mouse, and im sure the mods are sick of it.

This will be short and sweet.

1: Do the mods have the ability to actively converse with turn10?

2: If so my proposal is simple. SnP would like to call out turn10 to a no rules Cat and Mouse 5 race series. Best out of 5 wins. The stakes, i will put up $1,000.00 cash (usd) of my own money (I know its not much but maybe its a slight insentive to restore our community). It will be in paypal ready to go. If turn10 wins the thousand bucks is theres, if we win public cat and mouse would be reintroduced to forza 6. Im sure that this, if not the 20 other threads crying for attention to the playground community, constitutes just how important cnm is to us. I would appreciate the mods help with this and am not looking to argue. If the creators think they cant be beat at their own game then they can squash the issue they’ve been ignoring so long and make an easy thousand bucks.

Those in support keep this post bumped, even if SnP has torn you a new one and you dont like us, we are in the end a unified community, and it should count for something that im putting my own money up to try and save this. This may be our last chance. Keep this post bumped so it stays at the top and so it may get recognition.

Ty for your time all that have read this.


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Never mind. I should just go to bed. I can see it’s going to be one of those days.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - fyerball ]

Thanks for the support brother.

ya it would be nice to bring cat and mouse back to the forza world cant be that hard to add it in and i appricate SNP KARMA and SNP for the efforts and attempt to bring it back and call out TURN 10 SNP is one of the top cat and mouse groups even tho alot of the cat and mouse community groups do not like them but to have skill like they do and a few other groups is unreal and it makes for a good challenge to try learn to be better keep it up SNP

Thank you for the kind words fatal error. We are relentless on the track but aside from that we try to help the community because what are we with out the community?

you have my support.

Ty. We are all one.

Didn’t the Forum mods do a call out for Cat and Mouse a month or so ago? They said they would do it in a race lobby with strict rules but it seems to have disappeared or am I mistaken?

Its still up. I have kindly asked their hot shot creatorof cnm for a 1v1 with no response. Also we accepted the call out and had not actively heard anything since. We are still ready and willing to take on that challenge as well.

Yes there was…

The Mods called out the community to a Mod versus Forum members game of Cat and Mouse.

I’m still curious to see if an when that will happen - I was hoping to join on the community team.

We are still waiting to enter as well.

Cmon turn 10.give us c&m back.

I wish they would listen and consider our requests. I went to grand turismo just cuz they had cnm. But the competition was a joke as was the game so i was hoping forza would bring it back yet here we are.

If you play CnM in a race lobby, won’t that affect the odds of being put into a crasher lobby in the future? I’m sure it would affect your drivatar’s behaviour at least.

All the more reason for a specific CnM game mode to be added to the game. As long as they ensure that none of the behavior in the playground affect trueskill rank(probably not actually called trueskill, but you know what I mean) or drivatars.

Very good point. I own a very successful business, and with any business customer service ultimately contributes to progressive success. I wish they would listen to us, the customer.

They seem to have more of an Apple, drill Sargent attitude. “You don’t know what you want. We’ll tell you what you want”

Lol sounds spot on

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