Cat and Mouse

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Cat and Mouse, most people that played the earlier Forza Motorsport games or other racing games know what this is. (For those who don’t, I have a short explanation of the gametype at the bottom of this post.)

  • The gamemode in the “playgrounds” menu, that everybody tried at least once.
  • The gamemode that brought individual racers together as teams.
  • The gamemode that thought you to drive cars in a way you’ve never driven before.
  • The gamemode that lead to the creation of Car Clubs, Tournaments, late nights and friends to never forget.
  • The gamemode… well, you can fill in the rest.

Racing, Drifting, Tag, Soccer, you name it and I’ve played it. None of these gamemodes however, are as addicting as Cat and Mouse.
Cat and Mouse on Forza Motorsport 4 had it all. The enormous community had people from all around the globe, racers, drifters, youtubers, tag-players, painters, everything.
With Cat and Mouse came multiple “sub-modes”. People who are familiar with the gamemode will recognize the “No Rules”, “Lead Mouse” and “Shepard” sub-modes that would show up within the User Created lobby list on Forza 4.
The popularity of Cat and Mouse lead to Clubs based on nothing but CnM, tournaments that lasted all weekend, multiple lobbies filled up on a daily base, and a community that could control their cars in a way no regular racer could. Just imagine a mouse getting chased around the track by 2 cats, drifting backwards.

With the launch of the Xbox One and with that Forza Motorsport 5, a lot of people from within the Cat and Mouse community were excited to continue this gamemode on Next Gen. However, they were soon to be disappointed with the absence of their favorite gamemode and the Car Clubs. And that is a shame, because the once so alive community slowly died.

To this day however, Forza 4 still homes what’s left of the community, with actual games of Cat and Mouse happening every now and then.

What Turn 10 needs with Forza Motorsport 6, is bring back Cat and Mouse, and with that the Car Clubs that made the amazing Community of CnM players possible.

I’d like to know what other people think of this, and maybe even more important, who else is out there that used to be a part of the community.

-Short explanation of the gamemodes-
Cat and mouse is a competitive team vs team mode, that under normal circumstances consisted of 2 teams of 4 players.
One team would have:

  • 1 Mouse. The Mouse, driving a slower class car, is the one who needs to finish the race before the other teams’ Mouse.
  • 3 Cats. The Cats, all driving high class cars, are in charge of attacking the other teams’ Mouse, while protecting their own.
    Within Cat and Mouse, “No Rules” was the most played mode.
    It basically meant to stop the other teams’ Mouse at all costs, while protecting your own. It didn’t matter how you did it, as long as you got it done. If there was a game that had two teams of highly skilled players, games could last far over 20 minutes, without getting boring at any time.
    Usually teams would split up in a Mouse and 1 Cat to block, while the 2 other Cats would attack the other teams’ Mouse.

Another mode that was pretty popular was “Lead Mouse”. Although I personally preferred No Rules, lead mouse had the same setup as No Rules. The only difference was that only the Mouse in first place could be attacked. This way, the games were a lot quicker to end, although being less action-packed than No Rules.

The third mode that is still played to date is “Shepard”. I personally think this shouldn’t even be called Cat and Mouse, but just Shepard. In this mode, the Mice are called Sheep, and the Cats are the Shepards. Depending on the number of players in a lobby, there would be 1-3 Shepards in higher class cars, who would have to attack the lower car class Sheep that is in first place, to basically “keep the herd together”. While not being as team-competitive as the other modes, it was a very popular and fun gamemode to play.


We would like to see the functionality of Clubs separated from each of the games. By this, membership of a Club would span play in any and all of the available games. This would allow a club to participate in Street, Off Road, Drag, Track, Endurance and any other type of Racing. Why should a Club be limited to a single game?


Corect me if I misunderstood your comment, but I am not saying Clubs should have specific gamemode limitations. I think it worked fine the way they worked in Forza 4. Any club could just put their information in a description. That’s how I found my former drifting, painters, and CnM clubs back on Forza 4.

I know Horizon 2 brought back Car clubs, but the way they worked made it not as easy and clear as in Forza 4.

On a side note, the main subject of this topic would still be Cat and Mouse, since that’s been missing ever since Forza 5.

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I just want cat and mouse back, period. If they don’t want to, don’t even label the gaming mode. Just give us the ability to set up the parameters for the race, teams and AI and we’ll make our own cat n mouse.


When I started racing it was on a ps2 and all alone, some friends told me to get an xbox and forza .
I started with forza 2 and soon forza 3 came out still driving all alone till I met the CnM community.
They accepted me for who I am and how I played, It was a real community with friends and enemy’s but they where always there.
Forza 4 came out and the whole community moved on and created new versions of CnM.
When forza 5 came out I bought an xbox one with the game but I there’s no community there, no car clubs, no CnM .
I don’t drive a lot on it because in Forza 5 I always drive alone like I played on my ps2.
Some of the gameplay I found back in World of Tanks but there is no but community there, its just the short games in witch you win or loose.
I hope very much that forza 6 is gonna be a game for the gamers community again, but I’m not gonna pre-order it, first wait until I hear about it and then diside if I’m gonna buy it.
Regards to all of the CnM Community, Chief Dutchy.


This is what I miss. For the years I was active in FM3 and FM4 CnM I made some of the closest friends met some of the toughest rivals and had and man good time doing both. I really miss the community so much. I have yet to find a game anywhere with a community like it. If you got in with one of the cliques you better be sure they were gonna hook you up with some competitive cars to roll with. I had my fights with a few different people and clans but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing.

im the same as you, played racing games alone for years then, online came to gaming consoles and meeting other races was great. I started gaming in the 80’s and went now love the online racing with real people, FUN, FAST, RACING. :smiley:

Although I am not a big “playground games” lobby go-er, I do remember how active the ‘Cat and Mouse’ lobbies were and all the talk that surrounded them on the forum. For that reason, I think It would be interesting to see these return for Forza Motorsport 6.


Yeah, get Cat and Mouse back on Forza.
really liked the game, tried it on horizon but motorsport is much better.

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Would love to see all games and menu’s like forza 3/4.
It was more easy and the games (like cat and mouse) were a lot of fun.
Like Jarhead says, on forza 5 you drive alone, friends with the day one edition have finished playing and other friends stay on the 360.

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Yes! Cat and mouse definitely needs to come back to Forza 6. I learned how to play on forza 4 and it was by far the most fun gametype to play. It was really the only reason I played forza 4. There are a few of us that get games together on forza 5 but it is nothing like the community we had on forza 4. I hope more people make their way back to this post so we have a better chance at seeing cat and mouse again in forza 6.

Infected mode is the same or not? You are “not infected” so the mouse, and the infected is the cat and catch you or in this case, infect you

Look on youtube how CnM is played, nothing like tag.

As stay slammed said yes there is about 15 of us that play cat and mouse on forza 5 if any of yall would like to play message me on btr jj and ill hook u up with cars for both cat and a mouse… and yes cat and mouse needs to come back like it was on forza 3 and forza 4

Playground games should be put back on tracks. Forza 5 sucked being open world tag

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Please Turn 10 bring back the most epic car battling and pure carnage. I had tons of videos of pics of Cat n Mouse gameplay. I had multiple cars that could pull wheelies down back stretches and I could run slam over top the mouse car . Pure hilarious fun. I’d say I played 90% of Forza just on cat n mouse. I use to think waiting for a cat n mouse lobby to start was painful. Then I played Forza with no cat n mouse. :frowning: one more thing, do not make cat n mouse like u did in Forza horizon. The easy escape for mouses she be a beginner setting but go back to Forza 4 settings. Epic fun. N trust me 1000s of drivers want it back.

sounds lovely… I would like it in FM6. Also infield Willow Springs might be fun for it :slight_smile:

So make a thread and find some new friends.

The custom lobby rules are so much better.

2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 on the Nordschliefe, for example.


Last Man Standing: I love this game!

The first race everyone is in identical cars that are stock.

The person that finishes in last is eliminated and becomes a “crasher”

The crashers use a heavy and fast car and can only crash first place.

Winner of each race gets to pick the next car and track.

continue until there are 2 racers left.

Once there are 2 people left you go to an oval track and put on extra laps.

Ok so since we dont know if Forza 6 will have cat and mouse i am making this post now to get anyone that might be interested in joining us, We play No rules Cat and Mouse meaning pretty much you stop the other mouse however you can except for we dont pin the mouse on the wall Most of the time, so that being said if anyone is interested in joining us or learning about cat and mouse now send me a msg on btr jj… we will try and get games together on 6 for cat and mouse but if it doesnt pan out well we will be picking up forza 4 again to play it since we will be able to play 360 games on the one finally… so again if anyone is interested in learning how to play send me a msg on btr jj and we will teach you how to play thanks