Cat and Mouse

Any info by Turn10 would be great. Whether I buy the ultimate edition is depending on this game mode

The difference between Ultimate and other editions is well documented; I cannot see how 1 game-mode would make you decide to buy one edition or the other since the perks for Ultimate don’t really seem to impact 1 game-mode specifically.

On-topic: I would not like the return of Cat & Mouse. As stated in the opening post; everybody tried it at least once but that is only for the collection of achievements/badges. Similar game-modes in other games like PGR also never appealed to me. Also, when looking at the current FM5 lobbies/hoppers; some people complain already there are too few things to choose from each month and I can only assume that adding game-modes MIGHT impact the amount of likeable lobbies in FM6.

I know that this mode is not depending on the bought version of the game. What I wanted to say was: I will just buy something higher than the standard edition, if cat and mouse will be included in the game. Because that would show that Turn10 is actually listening to their customers.

That’s all it would take?

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In addition to the already announced features of the game, yes.
I know you can make your own lobby with our players and set up some rules to create an experience like the original cat and mouse.
But the main problem here is time. I would like to start Forza and play without to contact my friends, create a lobby, wait for everyone etc… It is just too time consuming for me to gather six people.

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Long, long ago, in the days of the PGR, the people cried out for a new playground game and thus Cat and Mouse was born. They created the first rules and created their teams and played many a game of the great Cat and Mouse. Each team consisted of one Mouse and several Cats and the Mice did run and the Cats did give chase and it was good.

Never once did they need a specific game mode in order to play.

If you don’t know how to organize a game of Cat and Mouse without the benefit of a specific game mode, well then, you’re just not trying and I don’t even want to know you.

If you play cat and mouse regularly without a specific playground game mode, then I feel sorry for anyone on your friends list, because they would have to deal with your drivatar.

This and any trueskill ranking that might be going on in the background are why a specific playground game mode for CnM needs to be made.

It can be set up without a mode. Actually there are some good race customizations, group/teaming options that are way underutilized (when I hosted lobbies, no one wanted to use groups and colors :frowning: lol), but they can be a few layers deep in and not exactly intuitive.

It may be a little more inviting, I guess to see an official mode, and for players (especially new players) to know that they could click on a C&M mode and jump in with others already playing.

Leaving all the options open to the player to go into menus to craft and customize game modes is fantastic, but not as welcoming as an actual game mode imo. At the least, maybe a little more official marketing of the tools provided to craft these kinds of matches, so everyone knows they are there, what they are there for.

Yes please bring back Cat & Mouse. I love this mode of gameplay and in F3 and F4 it was 80-90% of my gameplay on XB, i have since floated around to different games wondering if maybe i should just quit video games all together, nothing fills the void in my heart, but i hold on to that hope that one day C&M will be back! There is no other gameplay that displays the contact and crash physics of forza like cat and mouse and there is NO game mode that required the strategy and teamwork of C&M…and isnt that whats lacking in motorsport games…its all about me me me I I I…but that doesnt motivate me, i want to play for the team win! A much more satisfying win than for just myself or yourself…see i am not selfish enough to want to win races so bad on my own but put me on a C&M team of 4 players and i light up with motivation to WIN! Virus, tag, those games are silly, they are for the kids and amateurs, i dont play those, C&M is where it is at. I play FH2 and im constantly putting people into trees and smashing them into walls for no reason, but i know the reason, because i dont have my C&M anymore(C&M should not be in Horizon BTW, bad crash physics for it, good call). It’s SO SO EASY to put the C&M PUBLIC lobbies in FORZA 6, when it means so much to players, why not do it? And for the next generation of C&M lovers, why deny them? The fun, the teamwork, the laughs…there is NOTHING that compares to C&M. TY, i will be in FH2 putting some poor racer into a building, tree, pole, etc…

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Looks like private lobbies is it for cnm in Forza 6. I’m always down to play. Shoot me a message to organize. GT: ouiCHEF1984

Besides User Created Lobbies which would exponentially revive the comradery of the overall majority of the actual Forza community, all we NEED to hold actual and CORRECT Cat n Mouse lobbies is for Turn10 to allow us to change BOTH the number of teams AND the number of Player Buckets. This was the same for Forza Motorsport 5, which I was highly disappointed to see that the same mistake was done with FM6, that changing EITHER the number of teams OR the number of Player Buckets will lock out the opposing option.

Turn10 if you’re even reading this, as a loyal fan and customer (over a couple accounts over the years) as well as for a large number of other fans and your customers, all we ask is allow us to change both of these selections simultaneously. Let us change the number of Teams to a minimum of two AND change the number of Player Buckets to two. This will enable us to set the two Player Buckets as ‘Cat’ and ‘Mouse’ while having a Red team and a Blue team. This ONE simple change will allow me to create and setup a proper lobby for such a popular playground gamemode that has been loved as far back as Halo 2. Probably even older.

Having User Created Lobbies where random people can search for public lobbies would simply be a bonus.


+1 for cat an mouse.
i really miss the team aspect of cat and mouse. i’ve made serious friends that translated into real life friendships because of cat n mouse. sure there’s a lot of trash talking and negativity that come with it, but that’s just the nature of competition.

i personally thought it was best in forza 3, in forza 4 they wouldn’t let the lobby start unless it was a full 4v4 which makes sense in theory, but in practical use, all the lobbies that could have had a 2v2, 3v3, 2v3, 4v3, or even a 4v2 game were never started. sure 4v4 is the most fair, but i’d happily take on 4 people with just me and a friend rather than jsut sit in a lobby until people leave because it’s not filling up fast enough. i’m sure that’s what led to the public hopper not being used, which is why they assumed participation was low. and could have been why it was removed. or may t10 just didn’t want the negativity… they don’t seem to want to comment on it so i guess we’ll never know.

i didn’t bother buying the full maximum awesome version of the game with VIP this time like i have in the past. because after horizon and fm5 burned out the community i’m not sure how much time and money i want to spend on a game that isn’t what i want it to be. but my past love for the series keeps me coming back hope. i even got horizon 2 as my free game when i bought my 2nd xbone diring that promo. and was disappointed.

but forza 6 is supposed to save it all. the physics are back and feel right. the car roster is much improved. plenty of tracks. night and rain are amazing. but at some point along the way the game turned into a “don’t let your car touch mine” and it’s just not what i was hoping for.

i want races where i can bump and grind, not introductory collisionless hoppers.
i want tag on actual race tracks where racing skill actually has an advantage again, not mayhem locked into the same parking lot over and over
but most of all, i want cat n mouse in public lobbies, even if not a hopper, at least a searchable public user hosted lobby.

forza is just too serious to be fun sometimes. i miss the 360 days.

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Hee Jeep, nice to hear from you again (old GT Chief Dutchy).
I totally agree with your speech, Forza today is all about no touching the other cars.
All I know about tuning is setting up the cars for CnM or TAG.
You really needed special car tunes and special driving skills to go in these lobby’s.
For me tuning cars just for a fast lap is way to hard to do, Ill never end up in top 100 so why bother.
Probably just go and score in career mode because there is no community and no fun online.

CnM community is probably too small to really mean something to T10 and I guess it will never return.
So for me this is A last goodbye to the whole CnM community.
Have a good one, hope to (ever) return to the CnM public’s and remember, NO PINNING.
hehe :wink:

I skipped over FM5 and when I got the FM6 Xbox bundle yesterday I eventually got around to making a heavy Ford SVT Raptor to play Cat and Mouse with… only to discover that there is no such thing in FM6. :frowning:

If T10 wants to have a loyal fanbase they have to foster an online community, and with the variety of people that like to play Forza there should also be a variety of online game modes besides just racing. We don’t want to just race souped-up custom cars but also throw them at each other. Cat & Mouse would be a powerful selling point if they could develop it into something everyone can be excited about…

there was a huge challenge in finding a good car that was hard to flip, easy to recover, had power, and wasn’t a light weight and all while trying to tune it into the top 1% around the track in that class.

there were so many aspects that you had to consider. so much work. and so much communication. it was way more intense than just regular clean racing. and way more rewarding if your team won.

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Yes Jeep, you haven’t mention the test-drives, with normal racing you just race a track, with CnM you (after pretune it) actualy have to do some matches against other teams and then fine-tune, go again in some matches… and on and on.
I know some tunes took me almost a week to make perfect.

I got to bump this because it is killing me not having the best mode in the game.

Is there any way to talk to the developers directly to request this game mode? Surely it can’t be that hard to add in the game.

I know one way that would ‘help’… Just tell all of our friends to come on post and bump this thread. It wouldn’t hurt and could show just a little bit that there is a good sizeable community who’d love to see this returned. Even if not in public hoppers but as I mentioned previously, by simply allowing us to change both the number of teams and number of player buckets simultaneously, it’d allow us players to properly setup private lobbies. ONE setting change… that’s all! Additionally, allowing us to save private lobby settings like we were able to on FM4 would be a huge benefit as well.

FM3 had the best Forza CnM iteration, where the mice were faster and could run away for long stretches, could fight off cats better and the collision physics were decent, apart from the lag issues.

FM4 added drag tires and clubs, but made D-class far too slow and underpowered, yet cats were bumped to S-class, although they were really only marginally faster than A-class in FM3. Collision physics started getting worse and the lag effects (warping) were horrific.

FM5: Fail. Playground option gone, custom rules option gone. Lag issues were still present, collision physics degraded, clubs gone.

FM6: Epic fail. Lag issues still exist, collision physics are the worst yet, cars ghosting into each other all the time. Multiplayer goes down often (down right now).

Cat & Mouse is dead. Long live Cat & Mouse.

(Looking forward to 360-compatibility in order to return to FM3/4 CnM.)

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Bring back Cat & Mouse please!