Turn off the prize winning spins

Please make an option to turn off the prize winning spins, its now too easy to get money, cars, etc. You dont have to really work anymore to get that next car, too much Horizon in Motorsport. My buddy had on his first spin 1M credits and already lost the urge to play anymore, cos ‘you can now get all the cars you wanted’. I won a car worth 2M credits. Seriously, I just started the game. Theres no real target in the game. Already won it.

Feel free to not redeem them but its a bit selfish to request something removed becuse you dont like them.


If you don’t like them, why you redeem it ???


You can skip them if you want. Just press X rather than A.

I do admit though, I preferred the older ways of doing it - FM3 gave you a specific car every level, a up to a point and then changed to credit rewards, and FM4 gave you a choice of cars at each level.

Balance it out by not redeeming your Forza rewards. Also, after a few levels, the larger spin payouts become more rare.