Turn off drivatars in SOLO session

Is there anyway to turn off drivatars in Solo session?

They just drive like crazy, sometimes crashes. So i Just want to turn them off.


I don’t think so but if you keep it online, everyone still drives like crazy but since everyone is basically a ghost car, it doesn’t matter much.

Tragically, no. Playing online is the only way to get rid of them.

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No, unfortunately. I’ve wanted the same feature since they were added with how many times they’ve rammed into me with their awful driving and messed up my speed trap runs and such, and how they follow me on primitive dirt roads that should be free of traffic.


No, but it would have been a dream come true if we could

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Map is empty enough as it is, I agree they mess up PR stunts but I’d still keep them.

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Just increase the normal traffic then. Provides life without ramming into you, they’re easier to dodge, and they have far less mass than Drivatars.