Ghost Drivatars in Solo Mode please


Simple question, in horizon 3 and 4 this problem has always bugged me, i would love it if this changes in 5.

Sometimes i like to play solo mode, but then i get into a lot of accidents because of non ghost drivatars driving all over the place.

Could it be made like in online? If not, could it be made that they at least keep to their own lanes?
Or perhaps a private online session like we could in 3?

I hate to see skill streaks end because of a dumb drivatar blasting through



This. Frankly, I wish they just removed them from free roam altogether. If you want a more lively open world, add more animals and pedestrians, and maybe double the traffic, because the traffic is typically way more predictable than the free roam drivatards.


Dobble the traffic, hahahah so you want 2 NPC cars driving around?

Sometimes because of my poor internet I have to play offline and I wish so much that we could get rid of them in free roam, they are so annoying. Breaking your skill chains, running into you if you stop to look at scenery.

This option would honestly make me enjoy this game a lot more.


I really hope the devs will consider this, or at least give us the options to disable drivatars in offline mode, or ghost them, or leave them as is, for players who like the extra challenge of avoiding these kamikaze drivers haha… But let us have some choice please

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As an option maybe, but Solo is the only mode where the world map feels alive and realistic with way more traffic and collisions being possible which adds to the fun and risk when travelling driving between events or just driving around the map for fun.

Horizon life feels empty by comparison hardly any AI traffic and ghost online players, I’d like to see an option to turn on collisions online and put those players together.

This REALLY needs to be a thing. Regular NPC drivers tend to obey the road rules, so avoiding them is easy, but the drivatars behave like lunatics. Not an issue online because they ghost, but trying to do some stuff while offline is utterly impossible at times, because the god damn drivatars smash into you constantly. That this is STILL a thing in Forza Horizon 5 makes me wonder just how little effort they thought they could get away with and still claim to have “Worked hard”.

Yeah, game needs way more npc traffic… For instance, it would be awesome zigzagging through rush hour on the highway, when there is actually a traffic jam going on, but where they follow the lines and rules of the road, so they are still predictable.
Maybe some more trucks too, depending on time of day… Slower driving npc’s in storm and rain… Make it more realistic is all i’m saying really…