Turbo Lag?

I noticed in the week 4 car announcements that the #2 Zakspeed Capri is coming to Forza (YES!), but I noticed in the description that turbo lag is mentioned. Will turbo lag feature in FM6? Will it be cool or just a nuisance?

What do you mean bye turbo lag

back in the day, my first car was 86 shelby turbo. it took a second or two for the turbo to spool up and hit boost. that is what we called turbo lag.
mustang svo, buick grand national, shelby daytonas and the z#-cars back in the 80’s suffered from turbo lag.

Yes I no wat turbo lag is it has already been in every game why is he asking if it’s in the game it makes no sense of coarse it is

Your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure doesn’t make sense either. See? I can be a condescending jerk too. : )


If there is turbo lag it maybe only for specific cars I highly doubt they will add that feature now

I think it’s about time we got the option to adjust Turbo psi now, but it isn’t that requested so we’ll proabably never see it.

The 1989 Audi 90 IMSA GTO quattro that was released for Forza 5 has a large amount of turbo lag in game, just like it had in real life, but that lag is rewarded with incredible boost and power when the turbo comes online, and its great to drive, you can alter your regular driving habits to make it really perform well, most cars you go through a corner and never touch the throttle until you exit the corner, and even then you never really floor it unless its properly under powered

With the IMSA Audi, you can brake for the corner, scrub off speed, and floor it while turning in for the corner entry, and with the monster turbo lag, if you time it right, by the time you exit the corner, the turbo has overcome that lag, so it is at full chat and you slingshot out of the corner, I read a forza article at the time of release of this Audi and it was interviewing a driver who actually raced the real thing back in the day, and he said thats exactly how he drove it also, to great success

So the ability for calculating and implementing turbo lag is totally there, it would be cool to see it be more of a thing in F6, though in the past games, upgrading the turbo systems seems to both increase power levels by a lot, but also removing a lot of the lag at the same time, by magic almost

Turbo Lag or Anti Lag would be an awesome new feature in FM6 (at least on japanese cars), though if it would be available on all cars it would ruin a lot of nice cars.

Turbo lag is a feature that has been in every Forza since FM1, it’s just that not every turbo setup has noticeable lag.

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Yes it has been in every game though I feel aftermarket turbos in the game have very little lag. I only feel cars that have a turbo in stock form have lag but when you pit in a turbo say on a 458, I don’t notice as much lag.

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This s 100% spot on. It’s way too easy to “mod” turbo lag out of car to the point where it simply feels like you’ve installed a supercharger with a different RPM range.

YES YES a million times yes. That’s exactly how it feels but I just couldn’t explain it as good as you :slight_smile:

Sorry if the post seemed stupid to everyone, I’d never noticed turbo lag and never knew it had been in previous games, sorry again about that

Dont be sorry. You learned something new from others willing to explain what you did not notice. That’s part of what the community should be about.

There isn’t much in the way of lag on contemporary turbo engines, even diesels. Lag was more of a characteristic of cars back in the early 80s when the technology was basic and turbos were (by today’s standards) massive. I can’t remember the car (maybe a Skyline or Supra) back in either FM2 or 3 that had brilliant lag and all or nothing power delivery so yes, it’s in the game if the original cars suffered from lag.

For those that are curious, take out the Nissan R390 (I’m playing FM4), and turn TCS off… You’ll notice that from launch to 4,000RPM you barely go anywhere, then just after 4,000RPM the turbos spool up and you get nothing but POWWWAAAAAA and absurd wheelspin. It’s a very difficult car to drive if you don’t remember to apply enough throttle to spool the turbos before you exit a turn, at which point it’ll be all or nothing when it comes to power output.

Most cars don’t have this problem though. I can’t think of too many cars besides that R390 where the turbo lag was really noticeable. However, it does prove that turbo lag exists, and that’s pretty much the entire point of this thread. Lol

Why does taking traction control off have anything to do with turbo lag? I think the F40 has one of the most noticeable turbo lags in a car, which is why I’m using it as an example. I just did a search for Forza 3-5 and the speedometer is the same consistency throughout. Especially in 1st gear in a F40 when the turbo kicks in near the end it’s like the car wants to rip your head off, but you don’t see this “boost” in forza.

I don’t think FORZA has any turbo lag, and if so why did they not show it on one of the cars that has massive turbo lag? IF and IF there is any, it must be a very very generic version of it since there are just so many cars in this game.

What about the 1.6 rally motors. Besides its abrupt power at 4000rpm, You have to keep the turbo spooled up so. If you dont the power will still hesitate even after 4000rpm.

TCS regulates throttle.
Taking your foot off the pedal for you. Even if you have your foot planted. (At least that’s how it works in forza)

So to properly judge turbo lag you need to have it off and to be even more realistic about it, do it in what ever gear is closest to 1:1.

You also need to do nearly the entire powerband.
Not just stomp on it at 4k rpm.
Just like you would in a dyno.

Lay mans terms: 4/5gear at 1,000 rpm. Then stomp on the gas.
You will see non liniar acceleration. If it’s bad enough or the car has more power than the tires can put down, you’ll roast tires when the boost finally comes on.