Tuning for career races (how to know which works?)

I’ve just dusted the surface with forza 5 and hit my first few driving levels to which I wanted to tweak my cars. I brought my cars to the next level (ex b to a) and the car was said to be illegal and needed to be changed .

Is there a way to know how far you can tweak/tune without having to take all you have off? It seems like if I don’t get up front (one way or another) fast I have no way to get medals so I want to tune up.

I’m hoping I’m just missing a logo somewhere in game to say which cars are appropriate and how far I can push them legally.


D 400
C 500
b 600
a 700
s 800
r 900
X 998

O.k but it only tells me when I’m the wrong grade when I am the wrong. I can only hope forza 6 or an upgrade will come that show required specs for race.

Modern seems C and modern sport B but I was hoping there was a better way to find this out.

I do hope there’s a race I can deck out what I want(bring a C car to and S and see what happens with the others trying to race (presumably with their own decked out cars.

Step 1 - enter career and enter the series you want and go to the buy cars menu but do not buy a car there. Take note of which cars qualify and which class they are autoupgraded to.

Step 2 - back out to the main menu and go into the cars menu and buy cars from there that qualify, then manually upgrade to the class you noted in step 1.

Step 3 - go back to career and race.

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The largest racing game franchise [I know of] and they still have to be cryptic and not put that right on the front page. I’m still hoping the game would have some more forward advise to if my tuning is close to any spec (I tried to change the gears and camber on a car and now I have to tune them back to more normal [where they were before])

we have the disembodied voice of a top gear host, which I though would be a further benefit to the game (top gear crew has too much time on their hands …hence they look crazier than I hope in real life with cars and ect…)

Am I spending more buying as I go through to a new career mode if I do it that way or is it more or less the same.

Note: messing with camber was intended to help braking and the gear shifting I was hoping to shift faster since I haven’t figured out how to manual shift yet [ and I keep getting left behind].

There’s a difference between tuning and building. The game only disallows improper builds which you’re magically supposed to know ahead of time. Another reason why this is the worse forza career mode ever.

Are you talking about spending in relation to autiupgrading? Then yes you’ll over spend since auto upgrading uses the PI badly. You’ll have to rebuild the car if you ever go online or try moving up leaderboards.

In the difficulty menu before each race you can switch to manual or manual with clutch. Camber won’t help with shifting.