Tune Author Missing in Multiplayer

I’ve done a few searches for this and come up with nothing so sorry if this has been answered before.

I’ve noticed that if I tune my own cars, when I race in multiplayer there is no credit given for the tuner. The same goes for painting. Is this a bug or do I have to do something special before I get credit for tuning my own cars?

I have tried sharing the tunes and I know that some of them have been purchased. I thought maybe I had to purchase my own tune but that’s not possible so I know that’s not it.


I’ve noticed this as well.

I have a theory but I have not tried it myself yet.

(1) Create your tune
(2) Save an share the tune
(3) Go to download a tune and search for your gamertag
(4) Download your own shared tune
(5) Your name appears in the Tune By section

Now, again, I haven’t tried it but based on how the game works with tunes and paints you download from others this makes sense that it ought to work.

I tried that and you can’t download your own tune. I’ve also tried reverting my car back to normal and then reloading the tune and that didn’t work either. I have seen other people driving cars with their own tunes so I know it’s possible… I just don’t know how to make it so.

I didn’t think we could ever get credit for racing with our own paints and tunes. or else people could easily get the cheevs involved.

It’s not about us getting credit for racing with our own tunes.

It’s about others seeing that we have a tune for the car they can download.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. I guess I should have said “recognition” rather than “credit”.

I believe in a previous thread on this topic someone confirmed that you don’t see your own Tuned By information but others can see it.

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I don’t think that’s correct because a friend that I race with says my “Tuned By” section is blank.


I verified this with friends while we were all racing together.

If your tune is not shared, it will show as a blank.

Sorry im a little confused cause you’re quoting someone saying you don’t see your own tunes period. But you seem to be saying it will show if the tune is shared??

On your end it will be blank no matter if shared or not.

To your friends and other players, if you are using your own tune and it is shared, they will be able to see that you are using your shared tuned.

If your tune is not shared, it will show as a blank to everyone else.


Thanks for clearing that up.

Don’t you think it would just have been easier if it just showed your name regardless? It would simplify things.

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I noticed it earlier, but people in the lobby were still able to download my tune. So maybe they could see it. I was worried that if it wasn’t showing up for me then no one else could see and have a look.

I’ve noticed and been bugged by the same thing. If I’m kicking people’s butts I want them to be able to get my tune and start using it. 1, might get some better racing going and 2, obviously I want money for them downloading and using it.

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My friend said last night that my car said tuned by me, even though I didn’t see it.

All I did was load my setup from “my tunes”

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Yep, if you’re using one of your own shared tunes, other people will see “Tuned by: your gamertag”, but you won’t see it yourself.

Just another little thing that was overlooked by T10. Hey Turn10, you know all of these little things add up and start to annoy people, right? Maybe one of these days you’ll actually ship a finished, fully tested product. lol. Yeah, I can’t even say that with a straight face.

It certainly would be nice to see yourself that you are running your own tune and paint just so you have verification that you have them loaded right so other people can get them. Especially as someone that tunes and paints their own cars and shares anything that seems worth sharing.

I was able to see my gamertag on my cars that I was driving in lobbies last night. Didn’t do anything special, so I don’t know why some/most people can’t see theirs.

I use my own tunes (although I’ve no idea why - they’re generally rubbish) and all I ever see is “unknown”. Not that it matters but perhaps if the tuner is blank or unknown it’s a safe bet that it’s tuned by the user.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem. In multiplayer lobbies, tunes that I have shared will not show next to my name. If I use someone elses tune that will appear, if I use a livery of someone else that also shows. Am I doing something wrong? So to clarify, I build, tune the car , save and share it, go into a lobby and race the car ive just shared but it will not show up under Tune BY…