How do people "use their own tune" in multiplayer lobbies?

Am I just plain stupid? I can’t seem to understand how to get the lobby UI to say “Tune by: cpboxx” when in the lobbies, even though I do use my own tune, which is saved locally and shared.

EDIT: I just realized this is probably in the wrong forum. Moderator: I’m talking about Forza 6, please move the thread to a more appropriate location, thanks.

Hey man, it will never say you’re running your own tune or paint but if you have it up for download and you’re running the exact same setup, it will show up for other people.

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Ah ok, I see. So when it just says “Tune by: —” for me, it actually says my name on other people’s screens, as long as I am using the tune I have shared online?

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Yes. If the tune/livery you have used is set to Public then it will appear on other players screens as such.

The reason it won’t appear for you is that you cannot download your own paints/tunes.

sort of.

To get it to appear for others. You need to create your tune. Save your tune, share your tune and load the shared. Otherwise others will see exactly what you see. I believe if you just share the tune but dont load the tune they dont see the tune you are using.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if they just showed you what you had loading and take the guessing out of it. It makes no sense that it shows blank to you and what’s being used to everyone else.

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Agreed. But yeah now I have shared a few tunes, and I do load them from the league lobbies before the races, just to be sure.