Troll 1956-1958

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Troll 1956-1958


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The Troll!

Not many good pictures of this thing


Two of the Above Pictures Colourised

rollin-norwegian-style-in-the-troll-sportcupe (1)

One of the surviving examples in an Exhibit


In late 2017 the Norwegian Postal Service released Commemorative Stamps featured some Historical Norwegian Vehicles with the Troll being one of the four.


They provided this caption with it:

“The Troll of 1956, with a fiberglass-reinforced plastic body and a two-stroke, 30 horsepower motor. Production was started by Troll Plastkarosseri og Bilindustri at Lunde in Telemark County, but only five were built before the company went bankrupt.”

This is the Article I got the 3 Museum Photos from and it’s got some of the most comprehensive information of this little Car

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This and the Clarin Mustad Giganten and the Egoist. Funny stories behind those two as well.

The guy who produced these cars, Clarin Mustad, used his personal Giganten which was a 6 wheeled, ginormous 11 seated beast of the Norwegian roads to get to work, which required him to travel up a mountain. Legend has it that every morning he’d go to work, a group of strangers would wait for him and demand that he’d give them a ride up the mountain or they’d be late for work. Mustad had to grudgingly oblige, though eventually these strangers started taking more and more advantage of Mustads kind gesture.

Mustad had enough, and so he made a tiny, one seated vehicle which had just enough space in the boot for his small work brief case. He arrived at the base of the mountain, waving at the strangers as his famlly followed closely behind in the giganten, occupying all 11 seats. After this, the strangers never bothered Mr. Mustad again.

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Oh wow this car looks like something out of a Tim Burton Film.

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