Troller T4 2004-2021

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Troller T4 2004-2021


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Troller is… or was, The Brazilian Jeep in spirit and in essence
Created on my Home State of Ceará, Brazil in 1995, Troller won fame due its durability, easy to maintenance and OffRoad spirits, Based on the OG Jeep, the car has won fame and various rally championships across latin america and in the world.
In 2007 it was brough by Ford where updated the car to a new gen and kept it running the unity until 2021, closing the brand for good and its factories across Brazil.

The brand may be gone but T4 spirit will live forever

Gen 1 Originak


Gen 1 Facelift



I really like the gen 2 but if the developers could get both that would be awesome