Tri-pod drifting

So after playing around with the new angle kit and what not I decided to try and make a tune that behaves similar to gitten or denofa’s mustangs after some tinkering it finally worked! I got the mustang to 3 wheel… But as soon as that wheel comes off the ground the game takes away all ability to steer, I’m using a controller and my thumb stick is all the way to the left or right and those wheels do not move until that tire hits the ground then it goes to full lock. I tried using sim steering to see if anything changes and it still behaves the same, I don’t know if it’s cause i’m using a roller or if it’s just how the game is but obviously it is possible seeing as cars do it in all forms of racing IRL and you can do it in PJC2.

Dont know what cars youre talking about, but loss off control on three wheels may have something to do with wrong/to stiff Rebound and Bump settings. If one tire is in the air, the opposite probably has a lot of weight pushing down the shocks. And when that shock rebounds to stiff, it would push your car in an unwanted direction. Maybe?

OP wanted to make the 15 Mustang copy Vaughn Gittin Jr’s (and now also Chelsea Denofa’s) RTR mustangs in formula d. Since Gittin started running the 15+ Mustangs he “3-wheels” while drifting. The chassis and his suspension is so stiff that it lifts a front tire. OP finally got a tune to do that, but because of Forza’s physics once one of the front tires lift, the steering straightens out. So, he’s saying it’s not realistic.

I had the same problem with the Mercedes GL in FM4. It was fun when I entered a corner just right that it would get “stuck” on the correct line to continue drifting.