I have bought the car requested, achieved about 59.499 wreckage skills, 32.000 of them are ultimate skills, also achieved wrecking balls multiple times. Went to house, returned, restarted game, deleted and redownloaded game and save files. The treasure area refuses to unlock. AGAIN! Does anyone have any advice with this clown game or what? I just need the achievement.

It definitely works but it can be a bit stubborn as the game gives you no idea if your doing it correctly till you get the pop-up.

I recommend to head to the big long highway, and start wracking up wreckage points in the GTR, I found that area worked for me as there is alot of posts, rails, and other random stuff you keep chain building.

I can’t recall what my on screen total was when it unlocked and pop-up appeared - but don t lose hope, it will unlock for you.

I have been doing exactly this for 2 hours now. It does not unlock. I’ve even bought a different car. I am tired of this game, always buggy and not working! I am glad it worked for you but it does not work for me and there is nothing else I can think of right now.

Which car are you in?

2017 Nissan GT-R (R35)

Man, that sucks to hear… and I understand fully.

This game has some real quirks and some that not all people experience, I’ve tried explaining things to people and they think I’m nuts.

On YouTube there is one video: Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Hunt Lucky Skills - Nissan GT-R 17 - How to Do It - YouTube

Maybe give this method a shot, he looks like he ripped it up very fast… best of luck mate

Have you been to the treasure chest location to see if its there?

Just a thought.

I just thought of this too.

Perhaps some folks have indeed completed the required wreckage, but either missed the popup, or maybe game glitched and never displayed it…but the chest could be sitting there, ready to be claimed.

It is not there.

I am trying this for the past 10 minutes, so far it does not work.

With the highway method, I am getting one every 30 seconds, for 2 hours.

Took me about 15-20 minutes of non-stop hooning in a desert area with lots of cactus, shrubs, and some small trees. Right as I was starting to think it wouldn’t work, it did.

From what I could tell, the game was tracking ultimate wreckage skills. It might matter how quickly you get them back-to-back. Maybe the count resets if you’re not fast enough. I was getting one every 2-3 minutes.

You need 35 wreckage skills. I’m not sure if ultimate or average count? So what I did was went to the solar panel area and smashed 1 item then waited, smashed another and so forth until I got 35 wreckage skills. Knowing issues from previous ones, I deliberately went on just wreckage on their own, not average or ultimate and it tripped for me.

The only issue I experienced was the chest never showed up until I went into the garage and exited (a slight bug).

Hope this helps.

Look at this video, the guy does it in seconds… ~_~

That’s clearly been edited. It didn’t have time to register all 35 in milliseconds.

Okay, sounds good.

Best of luck in trying to achieve the challenges!

I wouldn’t come in the forums before checking all available youtube videos. I know people do it and it works for them. I also know that I am doing this correctly but it doesn’t unlock.

It worked for me, but it did take longer than I expected. I feel like I had about 100 wreckage skills before the treasure chest alert appeared.

Mine is bugged as well. Did a bunch of wreckage and it didnt pop. Restarted the game and got a pop up about a treasure chest being found, but got no icon.

Unsuccessful in getting the pop-up again so far. Tried event labs and free roam with no success.

I submitted a ticket and am hoping they make good on their promise to fix this retroactively for those seeking Min meet Max.

If you have had the popup you won’t get it again.

Have you been to the chest location?

This must be the case with me too then. I continue to wreck things to no avail.