Treasure Hunt Dune Buggy FH5 Full Guide


Text version:

Car needed - Any “Buggies” (filter my cars or at auto show for “buggies” - list is in alphabetical order after update 12, so it’s first listed)

Objective - Win, or come in first place, on any cross country race (I chose Festival Cross Country, just above and to the right of Horizon Festival Mexico. Filter your map for “cross country racing events” and do NOT use event labs - lots of us found out the “buggy” way last two weeks)

Tips - No seasonals to combine with this. You can use any difficulty and any car class you want to build/tune for. DO NOT DO eventlabs, you risk getting a bugged treasure hunt.

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You can do it in the black Beetle (the weekly challenge car) without the whole thing going pear-shaped, but I’d upgraded the car specifically for the treasure hunt race.