Treasure Hunt Give Me Five - The one line of text version

For those of us who throw up hearing ‘hey welcome like and subscribe…’

Jump in the Ford Coupe, 1932 (Earn it from the Seasonal Championship Back to the Streets if you don’t have it already.) Start at either end of the Motorway, drive for 5 miles (About half the motorway distance). Treasure hunt pops up near the Gran Telescopio.

Bonus point for noticing this is now 4 lines of text instead of 1.

Above was achieved on PC without issue.


Ford Coupe '32, drive 5 miles on the motorway, chest is by Gran Telescopio

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do I win £5?


Thanks for the quick summary!

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Not all heroes wear capes.


Is there a video?


And what are the tune share codes everyone is using for highway driving?

Tune ? Bah, I’ve got nothing but time to kill. It’ll take all of what, 5 minutes to drive 5 miles even in the stock version :slight_smile: Probably take that long to create or load a tune to save a couple minutes meaning a net loss of time lol

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depends on the exchange rate

Hi everyone! Do you guys knows how to unlock the Horizon Baja reward “Skillful demonstration - Get a total skill score of 30,000” (Rewards > Festivals > Horizon Baja > Skillful demonstration) ?

I should think it’s getting a skill chain of 30,000 or higher (if you’re not familiar it’s the points that appear when you drive quickly or smash things in the vehicle’s way). If it’s not unlocking . . . then you just have to keep trying (on different days). If it still isn’t unlocking then try a support ticket.

Yeah man i know, thanks for help ! But unfortunately I keep trying but nothing happens … hope the support ticket will help :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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