Transfer DLC cars from XBox One to XBox Series S?

This may be better asked of Microsoft, but I am hoping I can find an answer here from someone knowledgable. I played FH4 mainly on an XBox One and then got a Series S in advance of the FH5 release. I thought I had correctly transferred everything on the One over to the S (and I am not sure what role the “cloud” plays in all of this) but the only things that seemingly did not make their way over were the DLC car packs that I had purchased. Does anyone know a way to transfer the car packs over only? I have made some more progress in FH4 on the Series S and don’t want to undo that by trying to transfer over everything from the One (I still have it but haven’t used it in a while). Thanks for any advice.

i dont have the latest xbox so not sure of the OS but I think its much the same as the old one, if you go into the game options on xbox it should show you the DLC you own and you can DL it from their, all your purchases are stored on the cloud so theyll know you had it before … or you can go to the xbox store and look for the game, scroll down and you should find all the DLC for the game listed there, it should show you that you already own it and youll be able to DL to where you want

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Great - thank you - I will try that.

You can’t transfer these “licenses” from one box to another.
On the new xbox choose the game > start button (3lines) > Manage Game+Addons > Select MainGame (right top) > manage on xxx storage > select all > download > It downloads the 10,1MB license files
or redownload from store

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Awesome - super helpful - maybe I can get this to work!