Tracks - Environment - Brands Hatch: Track seams visible all over the track

Unsurprisingly… Similarly to every other track in the game & contrary to what was said here:

Going around to every single track to fix these issues polygon by polygon could be a huge investment. This shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with, but I understand if it’s too late to reasonably fix now. That also goes for brands hatch (and probably every other returning track) as the geometry is already finished.

What I don’t understand though, is why this issue can’t be alleviated by making the skybox black under the horizon. The seams would still be there, but much less visible and the fix would be much simpler.


Welding/merging vertices for a whole track would literally only take minutes depending on the DCC software they are using. Especially given the fact that the track poly count is extremely low once you filter out all the props.
All they have to do is select the threshold ( number of pixels separating the vertices that need to be merged) and done. That’s why this hasn’t been an issue in any game since the PS1 era 30 years ago!
They simply don’t won’t to fix it because they dont’ have anyone to to it. You can probably count the number of environment artists at Turn10 with one hand. As a matter of fact l’m certain that they no longer have any and everything is being outsourced right now.

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Game engines don’t always work that way. If the asphalt and the surrounding terrain are separate assets (which they almost certainly are, judging by the fact that this is an issue in the first place), the required amount of work increases significantly.

The models may even be perfectly aligned and it’s actually just a floating point error. We don’t really know. I’m trying to provide a solution that works even if we give them the biggest benefit of the doubt possible, because we have no idea how it’s set up.

Well, this is a bit of a letdown. So we’ve to put up with this for now it seems?

Yeah they are absolutely worthless at their jobs. This will never be fixed.
Le Mans is also now worse that it was before Update 7 thanks to the person who messed with it when doing the track side modifications. Seams were only visible on the Mulsan straight now there are gaps on 90% on the track (horizontally et vertically).
This does prove that it’s man made authoring issue caused by the devs themselves.

Obviously not fixed in Update 10 & never will.