Track preview camera zoom and scan

Having some Horizon style open world areas around each track could be fun since you probably need to build and detail quite a lot of that anyway. Let us drive around it a bit and create or race extra areas nearby, from the nearest airport (that we can also race on) or something. Let us add some karting tracks to any tracks that might not have any.

It would be cool to be able to drive through the pit areas and to the parking lots and the entrance. You always see RVs and trucks around the track but no way to access those areas.

They could showcase the whole circuit this way and for online play you have cool meeting areas like in real life!


Better idea for track-maps (not gameplay, but menu interface):

So here I am again with a great idea that could have been executed much better, but wasn’t.

Take Horizon 5 for example, there’s a zoom map feature. We can zoom. Okay, well why can’t we have a zoom feature for all the tracks and their variants/alts?

There’s already names in-game for the “segments” of the tracks, I’m guessing they reflect real life turn names.

So yeah, again would have made much more sense to be able to zoom in on a track and be able to look at the track’s character through its segment names.

This new feature would let us zoom in and scan around the track before selecting it to race. It would be in the menus where it says “track select” or whatever, and would come up as a description map on the side. or something.

Plus: if they actually had all of the alt courses (like VIR) then this concept makes 100% sense and makes use for us to zoom into the actual chicane. Take for example Nurburgring GP - for some ridiculous reason, the last chicane has that other chicane blocked by cones and is inaccessible?? makes zero sense why it couldn’t be used as another alt variant.

The map feature to zoom in on these chicanes would make much more sense.

Yeah - another great idea thanks.