Track Elevation Changes

Is it just me or are the tracks elevation changes more drastic and realistic than in past Forza games. I’m loving it. This game’s driving is unbelievable.

Every Forza game will most likely top the previous when it comes to “realistic” and also graphics since FM5 to now (besides FH2) has been on Xbox One exclusively. Not sure about track elevation changes, but every Forza has amazing graphics, Turn 10 and Playground never lacks that when it comes to Forza :slight_smile:

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Sonoma on this game is really challenging. I used to like it, being able to hook up good laps on FM4. Now I can’t drive it if you gave me a #1 tune and the talent to put it there! The cars seem to react more to the surfaces and also the environment, any kerbs or bumps in place. Nurb’ GP is a bumpy track and very difficult too.

The tracks seem a lot more challenging in the main which is a good thing. I feel the same about Sonoma. I always quite liked it but think it is really good now. When I was having trouble with said elevation changes I mentioned it in a conversation with some fast racers. EMW Venom said; “try coasting” it made a big difference to my lap time (still admittedly slow compared to the top people)

I think some of the bump strips are a bit too punishing at times though even in dry conditions

I’d urge anyone to go back and have a go on FM5. I tried it and realised what a vast improvement FM6 is in terms of car physics and track detail

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Aren’t you the observant one? :wink:

They have indeed improved how cars react to elevation changes. Also improved are suspension and weight transfer physics… you’ll see and feel your car reacting more realistically going over curbs or for example, when you have to quickly change direction by using weight transfer. Man, I love Forza. Despite its minor faults, I absolutely love it.

This is an exciting time to be an X1 owner. With Horizon 3 coming out later this year and F7 in the works… I’m just going nuts here fantasizing about the possibilities. Glad I stuck with the Xbox for another generation. :smiley: