Toyota Hilux 2005-2015

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Toyota Hilux (Seventh Generation)

Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks AT44 6x6 (2014)


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SR 4-door Utility:

SR Xtra Cab 2-door Utility:

SR5 4-door Utility:

Vigo Champ TRD:


I never even knew this was a thing and now I want it lol

Here’s the info on it for others interested

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Apparently quite popular in Russia



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This topic is for the 2005-2015 Hilux only.
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<Toyota Hilux Gen8 2017-current>

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The extended cab please

2008 Hilux TRD 4000SL

This is a rare, high-performance edition of the Hilux, which is only sold in Australian markets. Toyota developed this powerful Hilux and sold it under TRD. With TRD factory parts slapped onto a V6 Hilux, that’s more like it, if it were to join a High-performance group from its own brand.

Almost everybody didn’t know about this, but I had discovered it. Concerning that most of the Hilux 3.0 D-4Ds are available here in the Philippines.

So, this AU Hilux gets a 4.0 Supercharged 1GR-FE V6 engine producing 302 HP and 453 Nm of Torque. Also has a 5-speed Automatic and a 4WD transfer case.

It’s time to bring another Hilux in Horizon, right? It has shared the same V6 alongside 4Runner and FJ Cruiser, but difference is - it has a factory Supercharger installed. I know the standard Hilux V6 is not just in Australia, but in a few other markets too like South Africa and Venezuela for example, and I assume it will be much better to drive it around with, like the Arctic one that’s already in-game, right? Funny story. Here goes to that rare Hilux that only Australians know… :sweat_smile: