Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006-2014/2022

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Toyota FJ Cruiser

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser (FH1)

Sad to say, the FJ Cruiser only appeared in FH1 as a DLC car and it no longer returned. Although, it didn’t appear too often in a lot of racing games, so I witnessed that the 4Runner, which is currently in FH5, has shared the same 4.0 V6 engine.

FJ Cruiser should return to the latest Horizon title SOONER!!!



Although discontinued, it’s still available in a few countries, including the Philippines.

Anyway, the FJ Cruiser is powered by the 1GR-FE (4.0-litre V6 DOHC Dual VVT-i engine) that powers up to 276PS/5,600r.p.m. at the torque of 38.8kg-m/4,400r.p.m. The Part-Time 4WD System allows the user to switch various modes at the shift of the lever. To get a grip through the rocky roads, the FJ Cruiser is armed with the X-REAS (Relative Absorber System) supplied by Yamaha.


“you forget a thousand things everyday make sure this is one of them”

-Michael De Santa (2013)


This car would be a great off-roader



2014 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition
While all of the Trail Teams FJ Cruisers feature a race-inspired TRD/Trail Teams off-road suspension designed by Bilstein, the Ultimate Edition features a new rear remote reservoir suspension. The suspension also raises the vehicle slightly taller than stock as to achieve a leveled stance. The Ultimate Edition is also equipped with a special 1/4-inch thick aluminum TRD skid plate, designed to help with the approach angle for the front of the vehicle and provide better protection while off-roading.
(Copied from Wiki)


Hmmm, by any chance, I’m a Filipino.

If I want to tell an honest truth, my family owned an FJ Cruiser IRL, In the country. I even got the opportunity to drive it.

You know, if it returns to Horizon, it would make my life so worth it.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition

Been hoping like crazy the FJ Cruiser would return to Horizon, please bring it back! Bring it back and include tire profile options for upgrades!