Too Many Loading Screens on Xbox One X...?!

Just downloaded this the other day and straight away I notice that there are SO many loading screens on the Xbox One X version…?!?

The first loading screen comes just after you take control of the first car when it drops from the plane - you literally drive it for less than 5 minutes and then a loading screen appears…?!? The same thing happens again and again - and about 5 loading screens later, you’re actually taken to the main game itself!

Even in the main game - pressing the button to take a photo, takes you to a loading screen…!!! A minute later, the photo screen appears. Pressing B to exit the photo section and yet another loading screen…!!! They are everywhere…!!!

FH4 did not have this many loading screens…???

I do remember FH4 having loading screens everywhere, at least on the PC version. I assume the loading screens are the same on every platform? I agree they are annoying and imo unnecessary, they could have streamlined it more.

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Yes, they were the same on H4 on XBox and PC. Seems like the same amount of screens on H5. I’m not at home so I have not tried H5 on PC. I would assume it’s the same. That annoying music is gone thank the lord when it loads stuff. Right there I was thrilled. It goes through getting the money and accolades quickly. Series X load times are excellent so it’s much less of a bother. Less would always be better. It skips the Turn 10 and PGG logos automatically. I only saw them the first time I played.

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The PC version still has no option to skip these, it’s very annoying especially as they are LOUD. No loading is taking place during this time, CPU and SSD usage are near zero. It only loads after you press continue. Only Forza games sit there waiting for you to press another button before they load. I wish this game was less stupid.

It’s like that in FH4 if game is installed on mechanical hard drive. I haven’t seen loading screen in either FH4 or 5 other than initial loading screen and short one when you start race event on Series X.

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Mine is installed on an SSD on PC. Perhaps the Series X gets a superior version with some of the expletive removed.

Are you saying you get loading screen when changing car even when game is installed on NVMe?

On SATA SSD. Before you say, oh well there you go then, NVMe is quicker - yes it is but only fractionally for game loading. Now, perhaps the PC version makes the arbitrary decision to have loading screens unless installed on NVMe. Or more likely, all PC users get some ‘lowest common denominator’ version which assumes it could be installed on a 5400rpm hard drive, and everyone else has to tolerate the limitations of that version. I don’t know.

Too many? No. But they are awfully longer than previous Horizons on the One X, including using Photo-Mode.

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The reason there’s loading screens on Xbox one X is because the console might take longer to load the game, I imagine the original Xbox one is even longer.

Do you use an SSD external drive for the Xbox one X?

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…no - its loading directly to the hdd.

External SSD (2,5" SATA SSD or NVMe in NVMe enclosure) makes a big difference even on Xbox One S.